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19th Congress of KKE

Young communists in Greece express their solidarity with refugees

Young communists in Greece express their solidarity with refugees


The initiatives taken by the organizations of KNE during the last months to express practical solidarity to refugees that they are in our country are numerous. Events, concerts and discussions, the main feature of which was the collection of vital items such as food, medicines and clothes, that were delivered by organizations of KNE in the refugee camps.











We demand:


·         Stop now the imperialist interventions.

·         No involvement of Greece in these and in the dangerous plans of the imperialists!

·         Close now NATO bases.


·         Do not give any facility of the country as a base for attacks on Syria or other countries.

·         The Armed Forces of the country should not be placed at the service of the imperialist plans.


At the same time, the militants of KNE they are trying to support initiatives of the Popular Social Alliance (eg. teachers' associations, workers, schools, student and student associations). "The war raging in Syria during the last five years, with hundreds of thousands dead and millions of refugees, is part of the imperialist aggression and inter-imperialist competition," stated in the text of Students Militant Front (MAS) against war and imperialist interventions that was entered into vote in all Student Associations in Universities and Technical Institutes in Greece. This text was accompanied by the collection of signatures from the students and is one of the plenty initiatives that have been taken the last months by the institutions of the Popular Social Alliance, concerning the refugee issue.


The graffiti created by member of KNE, on a wall of the Municipal Stadium at Koropi, is the subject of the new poster of KNE against imperialist interventions that generate waves of refugees and people drowned.


Posters of KNE against imperialist interventions which are the main cause for the refugee issue.


Moments from the solidarity concert for the refugees organized by the students in schools of Piraeus.


Workers in telecommunications collected essentials for the refugees after the calling from the Sector Organization in Telecommunications of KNE.


The banner hung by the Organization of KNE in the Law School of Athens, towards the action week from 14 to 18 of December, against the imperialist wars.


Discussion held in the Physicomathematician School of the University of Athens, by the forces of KNE, regarding the refugee issue.


Essentials given by the Region Organization of KNE in Attica to the refugees camps.


Essentials gathered for the refugees as an initiative by the Organization of KNE in the University of Lesvos.


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