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19th Congress of KKE

Speech of KNE at the 19th General Assembly of WFDY

Dear comrades, delegates and observers from dozens of Communist Youth and Anti – Imperialist Organizations from around the world,

Dear comrades from the Communist Party of Cuba and the Young Communist League,


On behalf of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) we warmly and militantly salute you! We are glad to meet you here in Havana! We would, also, like to express our firm internationalist solidarity to the communists, the youth and the people of Cuba, the communists, the militants, the popular movements of Latin America and Caribbean. The just release of the Cuban militants nearly a year ago, detained in US prisons, filled their families with joy, as well as the Cuban people, ourselves who fought in our country for their release. We are not deluded, though, nor do we rest. The face of imperialism has not become more humane. As a tactic it has always used that of the carrot and stick. That can be seen daily throughout the world. We continue fighting to end the embargo and we defend the right of every people to defend the path of development it has chosen to follow.

We thank the Young Communist League Union that hosts the 19th General Assembly of the World Federation of Democratic Youth! KNE has and will contribute with all its forces for the success of the General Assembly, for the militant action of WFDY and be consistent with the struggle to meet the modern needs of youth. In order to make the youth’s dreams come true that fight against imperialism, against capitalists and their authority in each country, for the modern rights in work, education, life.

The situation in Greece

Dear comrades and friends,

Over the last 7 years, Greece has been experiencing a deep economic crisis, something inherent in capitalism itself and independently of how it is politically managed. Over this entire period, all various political forces have undertaken bourgeois governance: liberal, social-democratic, so-called «leftwing» forces, but in each case the result has always been painful for the people and has been in favor of the interests of the big business groups.

Young people of the working class and popular strata are facing too many problems in their life...

• The main problem is the  unemployment, which officially has surpassed 25%, with the highest number of youth unemployment, nearly 2/3 of young people are unemployed.

• In Greece 23.2% of young people are deprived from education, training and employment. During the last 5 years this percentage has been increased by 54,7%. The percentage of unemployment of graduates has increased by 189%.

• Flexible work relations, work without social-security insurance and unpaid work are becoming generalized phenomena for the working class, especially for the working youth, with also some hyper - exploitation programs that since 2010 over 1 mil. of unemployed have gone through.

• Health and education are being handed over to the businessmen who are enjoying enormous profits. We have many examples of children aged 10-12 that are malnourished. 11,4% of school students quit school early. Many students in Universities and in Technical Educational Institutes have to give up on their studies in order to work, of course under very difficult conditions.

At the same time the Greek companies that participate on the stock exchange market announced a 291% increase in profits for the first 6 months of 2015, while Greek ship-owners capital is in the 1st or 2nd place at a global level.

The main political developments

The 10-month SYRIZA-ANEL government led to the 3rd memorandum that was signed with the imperialist institutions, which includes new harsh anti-people measures and the maintenance of the previous measures.

In the national parliamentary elections held on the 20th of September, the working class and popular forces that during previous years struggled against the anti-people measures and memoranda, supported the alleged «fairer» and «gentler» implementation.  While a large section of the people chose abstention, which to a great extent expresses discontent with the bourgeois political system, a feeling of indignation and disillusionment amongst sections of workers and youth, but also expresses compromise and passivity towards the anti-people political line and its causes. This development was SYRIZA’s valuable contribution to the bourgeois political system. SYRIZA, the new style social democracy and its coalition government with the nationalists of ANEL contributed to this with the illusions they created.

Within this negative correlation of forces, the general retreat of the labour-people’s movement, in conditions of a deep capitalist economic crisis, the KKE received 5.55% (up from 5.47%) and kept its 15 MPs.

The other bourgeois parties like ND, PASOK, POTAMI which played the leading role in promoting and supporting the anti-people political line and now present themselves as being vindicated by the passing of anti-people measures by the SYRIZA-ANEL government. Vindicated in their insistence on the inevitability of the anti-people offensive charted by the monopolies. Another negative development is that the criminal Nazi Golden Dawn has formed a stable level of electoral influence, as amongst others it is being promoted by big capital and state mechanisms. The split from SYRIZA (Popular Unity) that promoted a social-democratic programme focusing on the return to a national currency did not enter parliament.


The winter is coming...

The new SYRIZA-ANEL coalition government has set out its stall and will continue on the road of implementing anti-people measures. In addition, the government is undertaking an active role in NATO’s plans, with military exercises together with USA-Israel, utilizing the pretexts concerning the «war against terrorism». In this explosive situation in the Middle East, in the South East Mediterranean and North Africa, Greece has received, as a result of the imperialist wars, thousands of refugees and immigrants mainly from Syria. The KKE and KNE took a position against the repressive policy of the EU, standing at the side of the refugees, fighting for measures for their health, security and facilitation of travel to their destination countries. Communists in Greece also struggle to put an end to our country’s involvement in the imperialist plans of the USA-EU-NATO, which create the «waves» of immigration.

The Eastern Mediterranean region is, generally, the target of imperialist interventions, in the eye of the storm of the monopoly groups, capitalist states, imperialist unions’ antagonisms. Hundreds of warplanes and ships, as well as all types of battle means, military forces of countries, within and outside NATO, come and go on military manouvres and some of them are used in battles in Ukraine, Iraq, Syria, etc. In Syria, where after the E.U, USA and NATO is now Russia tangled in the rivalries and threatens Middle East and the wider area of the Eastern Mediterranean. The danger is existent for the whole region. Those intense contrasts in the region increase the risks of war conflicts’ generalization since in our wider region imperialist centers collide e.g USA, NATO, E.U, old and new upcoming powers like Russia, China, Turkey, Israel, Arab Monarchies of the Gulf States, with a real risk of a greater involvement of other countries, such as Greece. The greek government has even proposed to US and NATO the foundation of a new war base in an Aegean island, the establishment of a Multinational Command and Control Unit in Crete and the expansion and reinforcement of the war base in Souda!

All the aforementioned, is only the “tip of the iceberg” of the intense and dangerous inter – imperialist antagonisms to the people. Antagonisms that manifest for the sharing of raw materials, of transport of goods, for the market shares. In two words, for the capitalist profit, which is the driving force of the capitalist society. A society based on exploitation of man by man. That is why we, young people, should not accept to shed blood for any of the imperialist centers that will collide in an imperialist war. We should not become victims in a conflict foreign to our interests. With such an attitude and having as our flag the modern needs and rights of youth and people and not the interests of imperialists and exploiters of each country, it is certain that the movements in every country will not become pawns in their hands but will coordinate their action, support each other, they will manage common blows to the enemies and they can win.

Wide, multifaceted ideological and political action by KNE

Dear comrades,

In relation with all these issues, KNE is discussing all over Greece widely with youth. By the side of KKE, KNE struggles daily for the organization of the young workers and the youth of the popular strata. At the same time, it is also struggling against bourgeoisie, petty-bourgeoisie and opportunist ideology, presenting the positions of KKE to the young people. It takes various initiatives for many issues, highlighting the need and the right of the youth in culture and sports, it highlights the progressive artistic creation, struggles against drugs and submission of youngsters (center of culture and youth creativity, football tournaments). A month ago close to 100.000 of people participated in the three – day - events of the 41st Festival of KNE-Odigitis, which has emerged as the largest political – cultural event in the country. KNE educates its members and friends with the revolutionary values of KKE, with the history of the Party and the international communist movement (many young people, for example participated a few weeks ago to central and local initiatives of KNE, visits in museums and battlefields where our comrades fought against fascists during the Second World War), as well as with the experience from socialist construction in the USSR and the other socialist countries (for example there is a three volume publication of CC of KNE titled Truths and Lies on Socialism). It educates with Marxism – Leninism and a way of life which is not conformed, raising the new revolutionaries, the future members of the Party.

At the same time, there some important mobilizations against the antipopular policy, struggles in workplaces, spaces of education, popular neighborhoods. Already at the initiative of PAME and the other forces of the People’s Alliance (rallies of farmers, the self-employed of the cities, women and youth) militant mobilizations have been carried out e.g. on the 15th of October outside the Parliament, occupation of the Ministry of Labour along with a demonstration carried out in the same area, demonstrations on the 22nd of October in dozens of cities, while a general strike is being prepared for the 12th of November.

Some examples of youth mobilizations only in last week before the 19th GA of WFDY: On Thursday, the 5th of November, across Greece, thousands of university students and students of technical institutes demonstrated for the education of the people’s needs, after the call of their unions and initiative of Students Militant Front. Dynamic student mobilization took place also on 2/11 in 30 cities of Greece and the members and friends of KNE inside the schools played a leading role for the escalation of the militant mobilizations and collective struggle in every way. On 12/11 there is the general strike in Greece, a milestone of struggle for the next period. Knowing the difficulties and that today the struggle that we have to develop must target the real enemy, the monopolies power, young communists are taking important experiences from the current struggles. KKE and KNE have a fundamental position inside the workers and popular movement, presenting their positions, their own opinion on the orientation of the struggle in anticapitalist – antimonopoly line.


Hasta la Victoria siempre!



The historical movement does not stop from the temporary historical setback, the counterrevolutionary overthrows in the socialist countries 25 years ago. The 21st century will be a century of new uprisings and revolutions against imperialism, against its monopolies and their power. The new shift of the working class along with our contribution can and will be at the forefront of great class fights for our contemporary needs and rights, for the overthrow of the exploitative system which as long as it exists creates unemployment, poverty, fascism, imperialist wars. We will overthrow imperialism, the exploiters and their power. We will build the society of our needs. Loyal to the principles of the proletarian internationalism and internationalist solidarity, from Cuba we declare :


Socialism or Death! Forever until victory!



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