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19th Congress of KKE

Announcement of KNE for the students at training schools


in vocational , training and apprenticeship schools

all of us live and know what abandonment and degradation means, problems during internship, exploitation in workplace, poverty at home. There are a lot of us. If all of us unite and struggle we are a massive force. Along with our colleagues from the first day of school and work can stand with our heads up. Because we have the right to learn, we have the right to an internship, to a job, to a payment, to a dignified life.


Because we are entitled:

Funding for all schools by the state budget. For modern workshops, infrastructure, books. To the immediate coverage of vacancies of teachers. Not a single euro from our pockets to expendables and materials. Free pass for access to all means of transport. A lunch to all the faculties. Free housing to those far from their cities.

Internship for all students that is organically integrated to learning. To constitute a process of learning rather than utilization of the workers as free working force. During the internship there should be insurance and payment according to the sectoral collective agreement. A five – day, eight – hour for the interns and apprentices.

Integrated vocational education system public and free. By upgrading logistical infrastructure on the base of technology evolution and permanent recruitment of educational staff. Internship based on specialty, with the supervision of the faculty and the ministry. No obstacle to the admission to practise the profession.


We are not asking them a favor and we're doing them a favor so that they take it away from us.

We are told that we have no rights because we are apprentices, to hang in there, to be prudent because when  we learn our craft our life will be ensured. At the same time the work jungle generalizes in the workplaces, even those who have something of their own now have difficulties, many shut down. This way, profitability and competitiveness of

industrialists, of magnates, of the shipowners, of the bankers. They say this because they want us to reduce our claims regarding the terms of study and practice, the medical and pharmaceutical care. They want us wandering from unemployment to false training, working without rights, for next to nothing and then again unemployed. They want us isolatedduring internship, frightened towards the pursuits of the bosses, they want us disorganized. Not claiming, especially now that the coalition of  SYRIZA – ANEL completes the filthy job for the system, continuing what the previous governments of ND and PASOK left undone.


Mess their plans up

Make our own!

It's time to strengthen the organized collective assertation everywhere in schools and in workplace.With General Assemblies in every department, specialty and class. With the election of representatives for the organization of the struggle, of the assertations, of the activity. With militant associations. With coordination of our schools! More militantly and masively, along with the unions, PAME, which fight for the interests of workers against the demands of the exploiters, the directions of EU governments that support it. This is the best lesson that inspires strength and courage. The lesson of organization and struggle, of solidarity, of the force that students and employees have when they become one. When they reject the illusion of individuality. The system and the employers want us unorganized so that we are vulnerable to pressure and extortion, to  violate our rights. With confidence in organized power of the workers, their children, in the popular movement we can  DEMOLISH MEMORANDA AND BOSSES .


We will not become slaves of the 21st century! We fight today to gather forces and valuable experience to break the shackles of the exploitative system. Because today is necessary to have a fair society that is free from the exploitation of man by man. Today there are all those conditions to live better. Our country has a lot of production capacities, skilled and scientific workforce. These can be utilized to meet our needs, if exploiters and their system get out of the way, if workers get the keys to the economy. In that way, children will get educated until the age of 18 and then will be able to study in an integrated training system. There will be a single school type for all specialties that the years of study will be determined based on the needs of each profession. So that no youngster, no craftsman will be left over. Ensuring everyone steady work with rights, without unemployment and insecurity. The rounded education, health, sport and culture, relaxation and entertainment will be secured for all young people. In this perspective, it worths the fight!


members of KNE discuss with students of apprenticeship schools about the positions of KNE concerning technical education:


photo from former demonstration of students studying in vocational, training schools in Attica:

KNE 2011