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19th Congress of KKE

Fundraising Campaign December 2015 – January 2016 All in the battle of overlap!

Fundraising Campaign December 2015 – January 2016

All in the battle of overlap!


This is the second month of the 2 – month Fundraising Campaign with the nationwide rate of KNE reaching the103.46% of the plan (according to the data published at Rizospastis on the 27th of January).

The organizations of KNE with the beginning of the Fundraising set goals collectively and each comrad individually, cast decisively in the battle, took initiatives to support it, by nice redactions (eg calendars) to revels, and organized the "red" carols. The organizations of KNE have already contacted thousands of young men and women with the coupon in hand. The competition has flared up on the occasion of the announcement of the Central Council of KNE declaring competition for the Fundraising Campaign. We continue with the same determination and optimism for the overlap of the plans! Below we publish the entire Announcement of the Central Council:


"... Our group warmly saluted the Office's decision for our participation to the fundraiser .With lively work of the Special Committee the first amounts arrived. Our comrades quit cigarette, breakfast bread and tea for 15-30 or 38 days, quit and they give what they have in the fundraiser. In that way, so far three thousand drachmas have been raised. Never before have a fundraiser drawn the attention of our Group. Everyone is excited for the fundraiser and talk about it. And they are right. The fundraiser of the Communist Party of Greece deserves to be enhanced by all means and at all costs. We must strengthen from the little we have the innovative power of our people, that struggles for our own freedom...” (Excerpt from the article “Our fundraiser: To overlap the five thousand!” from the magazine of the political prisoners of Anafi “Our newsletter”,1938).

There are hundreds of examples like those from our Party's History which under any circumstances ensured its financial support from the people and the youth. Those examples illuminate our current    automatically like these there are hundreds of the history of our Party, which under any circumstances ensure the financial support from the people and theyouth. These examples illuminate our current battles like a lighthouse!

The Central Council invites the members and the friends of KNE to do battle with determination for the overlap of the plans of the Fundraising Campaign. With a positive start we continue according to our goals! To reach to thousands of young people that joined our battles, with whom we meet daily to the places of study and life of youth. To pupils, to students with whom we met on the course of the struggle for education and the life we deserve. To employees, to students of the vocational school, to the youngsters that wander due to the unemployment to the european programmes of employment to the poorly paid and without rights work. KKE depends on the little the people has because KKE is the frontman in the struggle for the people's interests. Because in that way, they intensify without compromise the force that fights for the justice and the perspective of the people, against the system of exploitation and injustice. We organize a wide opening at young people with whom we have the same concerns and the same dreams for the future. We respond to the call of the Central Committee of our Party: "All with the coupon to win the Battle of the Fundraising! We develop the communist competition initiative with selflessness: To overlap the goals of all organizations. So that KKE is reinforced and by better positions to continue the fight against the capitalistic barbarism, to organize popular counterattack and alliance for the overthrow, the working - popular power, for socialism." We, the executives and members of KNE give the example with personal contributions and red daily pays, for the fortification of our Party.

The Central Council announces competition, which will end by the end of the campaign and awards will be given to:

The first comrad: in terms of how many youngsters have supported financially KKE. The prize will be an annual subscription from SEP (Publishing House)

The first Basis Organization (BO): in terms of how many youngsters have supported financially in proportion to the power of the BO. The prize for the BO will be an organized trip to Florina, to the presentation event of the memorial for the fighters of DSE.

The first three Regional Organizations: based on the percentage of the coverage of the plan, in proportion to the power of the RO and the partisanship and the personal contribution of the members.

Prizes for ROs are:

To the first RO will be given the flag of the Central Council of the Organization and a photocopier.

The second RO will host an artistic production at Central Council's expense.

To the Third RO will be given an all-in-one machine (printer, scanner).

Photo from former fundraising campaign:


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