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19th Congress of KKE

Hands off the young Communists in Serbia!

Statement of the Press Office of the Central Council of KNE

Hands off the young Communists in Serbia!


We denounce the anticommunist persecutions against young communists in Serbia,

members of the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia (SKOJ), the Youth of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ). Specifically:

- On February 23 during a lecture of Michael Davenport, Head of the EU’s Commission in Serbia, at the department of Political Sciences Faculty of the university of Belgrade, members of SKOJ who were at the amphitheater, seated at their positions without attacking anyone, confronted verbally the cadre of the wolf-alliance, stating that EU officials are undesirable in the universities of the country, that they disagree with the effort of the bourgeois parties to adapt the education to the EU directions, that the people and the youth of Serbia are aware of the "EU's democratic values".


The School security officers removed with violence the two young communists, who had spoiled the feast, from the amphitheater and handed them over to the police that arrested them. Immediately, the School security officers insulted and bet two other members of SKOJ in front of policemen, that did not react.


- On February 11 an event was held in Belgrade on the "US foreign policy and the USA role in the international relations", by the previous Minister of Foreign Affairs of Serbia V. Jeremić, the new USA ambassador in Serbia, J. Stavridis, Greek-American, retired admiral of USA Navy, ex military commander of NATO in Europe and the ex foreign affairs minister of Poland P. Sikorski. Members of NKPJ and SKOJ interjected at the event wearing shirts on which they had written “USA OUT" and shouting slogans which reminded the NATO's crime in Yugoslavia in 1999, the thousands of dead civilians, the weapons that were prohibited by international treaties and the depleted uranium used by the imperialists against the Yugoslav people. Immediately the meeting security officers bet and insulted the Serbian communists and then handed them over to the police for inquisition.

We remind that members of SKOJ have had during the last year, several attacks by fascist gangs as it is "Serbian Action”, with one of these aiming against the comrade Alexander Denits, First Secretary of SKOJ, who was then arrested by the police because he resisted to the attack and he  was even dragged to trial.

The delegation of KNE at the 12th Meeting of the European Communist Youth Organizations in Rome transmitted the Solidarity of the Communists of Greece to Serbian Communists and in particular to the First Secretary of SKOJ who also participated to the meeting.

We stress that the responsibilities of the Serbian Government for these anti-democratic, anti-communist attacks are huge!

We state clearly: Hands off the Communists in Serbia!

Hands off the political action of NKPJ and SKOJ.

The murderers of USA and EU, which plunged into bloodshed the Yugoslavian people and carved the Balkans with the blood of the peoples, have no place here and should not find a place to stand. NATO out of the Balkans and the Aegean sea!

We suscribe what SKOJ underlines in the announcement on the repression of its members: "The struggle continues! We are confident that in the future we will come out even more organized and more militant, and put an end to capitalist exploitation and barbarism".

KNE 2011