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3rd National Student Competition of Research Project of KNE and “Odigitis”

The 3rd National Student Competition of  Research Project of KNE and ''Odigitis'' is in progress. It is an event that in the past two years has given a true wealth of student creation, concern and highlighting of issues that interest the students. That is outstanding due to collectivity which it promotes, its content, but also the spreading of the students' work at the school, the neighborhood, the city.

For this year's competition the slogan "Study, but have the eyes of your soul in life alert and open ‘‘ (D.Glinos, communist educator) was chosen. Through this concept, students approached the topic they chose among six.

Already, the phase of sending the resumes is completed, and, according to the schedule, the completed projects will be sent by the 17th of April. The events for the selection of the winners will follow in summer. A foretaste of the resumes of the projects is given, which we present by topic.



  • An endless journey of evolution of the universe and life or the creation of the world in 7 days?


The scientific and religious interpretations about the creation and evolution of life is an issue that is approached by students also in the light of recent scientific discoveries and gives motive to highlight pieces from the content of school. Other groups chose to present the topic as a whole, emphasizing on what is being taught in class around that issue, others in the light of recent scientific discoveries and others demonstrating specific aspects of the issue of evolution of life. In this direction, they intend to use similar ways of presentation, from written text, video, and power point, to visits to places of archaeological interest and questionnaires.

  • Secrets and stories hidden behind songs of my area, my country, of the world.


From rembetika (urban Greek folk music) songs to songs of the American South, from traditional music, which remains intact until today and forms part of the history of their region, to songs that were born from within the struggles of the labor movement also in other countries, songs that were banned or censored, spurred the interest of students who chose the second topic of the competition. Showing how music that was born through the people and their struggles, inspires them and "speaks" to them. The forms that students use are videos, dance and of course music.


  • Works of art against fascism and war.


Students choose among all the forms of art a work, they discover and demonstrate the historical context in which it was created and presented, its current value. "Our Big Circus" (it is one of the most important progressive plays that condenses the history of the Greek state), combined with views of their fellow students on its meaning, the rembetiko songs, the "Guernica", and the "Man with carnation" (sketch made by Picasso for the member of the CC of KKE Nikos Belogiannis, executed along with his comrades by the bourgeois state) and the art against war, the engraving of the great Greek engraver Tassos ''May Day'', works of Brecht, are some of the projects chosen by groups which will unfold the story around these projects, reaching today.


  • ''We are like an echo of their crimes, that managed to stride over the borders''. (excerpt from the poem "Immigrants" of  B. Brecht).


The refugee issue during the history of the Greek people – the refugee issue as we experience it today. This is in the center of the student projects which choose this highly current issue. A common characteristic of the resumes is that the participating students want to show what generates it, to show the culprit, to seek what is behind the images that they see themselves and their classmates every day on the screens, to seek the reason why someone today abandons their homeland, the diachronic character of the issue. As shown by the summaries, the projects will consist of interviews, literary texts, questionnaires, works of art, theatrical monologues.


  • Sports: a luxury for the few or a need for all?


Whether their direct involvement with sports or the need for infrastructures which would guarantee sports for them, this was, apparently, the motive for the groups who chose the fifth topic for their project. In focus are the importance of exercise to health, the position of Physical Education in schools today, the commercialization of sports, the inadequacy of facilities, the needs and possibilities that exist and their inconsistency with reality and the experience of the tremendous achievements in this field in the Soviet Union. For the presentation, the groups say that they will use multimedia, interviews, questionnaires in order to present the situation that dominates their areas and the needs, and even they will organize tournaments. A Brochure on this subject had also issued a few months ago the Department of Physical Education and Sports of the CC of KKE.


  • Facts that changed the History of the world.


World War II and the October Revolution are the historical events around which, as provided by the resumes, were selected by several groups to be developed within the framework of  the sixth topic. In relation to the aspects from which they will highlight them, many groups chose to cite all that they learn from school books and in contrast to cite the truth, the one that they hide from them or distort. Commonplace is also, the intention to draw and transmit lessons learned from the facts that they will present, using different ways.

KNE 2011