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19th Congress of KKE

Combative rally of school students in the centre of Athens

Yesterday, school students from many schools in Athens and Piraeus demonstrated “for the school that we and the children of the world deserve”

With slogans such as “the education is not a product to be sold, but a right conquered through struggle” and also “the new generation has ideals and cannot be sold out or grovel”, the school students marched with banners showing their demands.

A student-representative from the Coordinating Committee of School Students in Athens greeted the school students and student councils that took the decision to participate in the mobilization. “We unite our voices with the parents and the workers that are under a frontal attack by the government of SYRIZA-ANEL which reduces salaries and pensions by imposing brutal taxes and also placing the Education in the same memorandum context. We cannot tolerate anymore to be freezing cold in the classrooms, to pay a bunch of money and to have a limited leisure time”, he noted, concluding with the Coordinating Committee’s message that “today it’s not the end, it’s the beginning. Today’s rally gives us the opportunity to strengthen our discussion, our reflection and  to give solutions to our actual needs, for the school and life that we deserve”.

Representatives from the Vocational High Schools mentioned the particular problems that they are facing, namely the deficiencies and the mergers of specialties, while student’s councils from other schools presented their initiatives to claim their demands and to show their solidarity with the children of the refugees by saying that “It’s wrong for these children who are facing daily the dark side of life to be deprived from their right to education”.

The school students are mobilizing against the school that crushes them instead of educating them, the school which is just an exam centre, which teaches them how to learn things like a parrot and various fragmentary pieces of knowledge. They are also protesting about the fact that their parents pay a lot of money for evening schools and private lessons so that they can enter university and also for the functioning of the schools. The school students demand amongst other things, funding for the proper functioning of the schools, entry exams as many times as the candidate wishes, by maintaining notes  in the desired subjects, no thought of abolishing specialties and sectors of Vocational High Schools, guarantee of all of the necessary conditions for an essential education for the refugee’s children under the responsibility of the state.

From the beginning of the year, the members of KNE have been at the forefront to strengthen the struggle, to create everywhere hotspots of militant action. At the same time, they seek to put at the center of attention the reason for all that the school students and their families suffer, namely the capitalist system, which is unfair for the many and a paradise for the few. They seek to discuss for the school and the society for which KNE struggles, for the socialist society that abolishes the exploitation of man by man and can satisfy their actual needs.

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