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Militant “welcome” of Tsipras with a rally at a university in Rome

The Front of Communist Youth (FrontedellaGioventúComunista-  FGC) gave out a new announcement late last night, with which it informed about the militant “welcome” that it held for the Greek prime-minister Alexis Tsipras. In particular, in its new announcement it highlights:

“Today, the university La Sapienza, in Rome, held a meeting with the Greek prime-minister Alexis Tsipras which is promoted by the European Left Party, under  the title “A Europe for the people and by the people”. This initiative was questioned by the FGC, which these last days has circulated posters and leaflets against the arrival of the Greek prime-minister, “Tsipras, SYRIZA, social-democracy: the workers will ravage you”, “Whoever sells their people is not welcome, Tsipras out of Sapienza”: these are the slogans of the demonstration of FGC. There was also a delegation from the Communist Party present at the demonstration.

“We do not accept that Tsipras comes to our University to teach us lessons and to fable about an EU “of the people” which however does not exist”, stated Lorenzo Lang, national secretary of the FGC. “SYRIZA in Greece does what all other European governments do, it promotes anti-people’s policies that troika desires (ECB,EU and IMF). It took the place of the old central-left wing, (while the new one) is even more dangerous as it creates new illusions to the workers and the youth. For example, the referendum in summer of 2015 for the 3rd memorandum was a fraud, because the “alternative” suggestion of Tsipras was almost the same with the ECB one and it was utilized to make it acceptable as a “democratic” choiceby the Greek people, who will soon be bashed by a 4th memorandum”.

“Tsipras sold to the Greek people the delusion of reform of this system and of the EU, in order to sell out the workers, the youth and the Greek people later onto the banks, the ship-owners and the big businesses”, stated Lang. “It is no accident that the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) has from the start declined any alliance with SYRIZA designating its real nature and today KKE has an even bigger recognition as the only political force that opposes with consistency to the anti-people’s measures of the EU, the ECB and the IMF, mobilizing tenths of thousands of workers and school students. We are here today to confirm our support to the fight of KKE and the Communist Youth (KNE), to the struggle of the workers and the youth in Greece who fight for their rights and their future, against the government of Tsipras and against this system, for the exit from the EU and the conquest of the workers’ power.”


At the same time, in the auditorium of the university where Tsipras spoke very few supporters of the fraternal parties of SYRIZA in Italy rallied to hear the speech of the Greek prime-minister. Tsipras today will meet with the leaders of other bourgeois governments of member-states of the EU, who will also meet with the pope Francis and he will participate to the preparatory meeting of the European Socialist Party and on Saturday he will participate to the EU Summit.


KNE 2011