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19th Congress of KKE


“Our enemy is capitalism, that creates crisis, wars and refugees”

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On the 8th of April KNE organized at the Macedonia University of Thessaloniki an Internationalist Event, with the title “Solidarity to the Refugees. Our enemy is capitalism that creates crisis, wars, refugees”, with the participation of 5 Communist Youth Organizations, the Socialist German Workers Youth (SDAJ), the Collectives of Young Communists from Spain (CJC), Front of Communist Youth from Italy (FGC), the Young Communist League of Yugoslavia from Serbia (SKOJ) and the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG). Nikos Abatielos, Secretarty of the CC of KNE, gave the central speech of the event. (PDF)

On the framework of the Two – Days event of KNE, the international delegates participated as well:

  • in the initiative of KNE to raise a banner at the White Tower concerning the Refugee Issue (video)

  • in the International Ideological Seminar, with title “The stance of communists towards the imperialist war” (photos)

  • in the activity of internationalist solidarity towards the refugees at the Hot-Spot at Diavata. (photos)

KNE 2011