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19th Congress of KKE


The Press Office of the CC of KNE issued the following announcement concerning the imperialist invasion of the US, Britain and France, against Syria:

Rise up! No to the imperialist war in Syria! Greece: No participation in the crime – Close down the bases! No water – No earth to the peoples’ killers! We organize our response in each factory, workplace, school, university, each neighbourhood and city!

We call upon the youth to condemn decisively and in massive way the attack in Syria, implemented by the USA, Britain and France, with the support and tolerance of the rest of the NATO and EU member-states.


They must cut to the chase! Regardless of the various pretexts, the real reason of the attack is the endless pursuit for the distribution of the market shares, the control and the looting of energy and wealth-producing sources. The real reason is the profits of the monopolies, and for the peoples and the youth these are translated to poverty, strike against rights, even wars, bloodshed, refugees. The real reason is the competition of capitalist states and forces, the confrontation with governments that are not of their liking, because the serve competitive plans. These competitions bring the danger of a generalized imperialist war closer, with unknown consequences for the peoples and the youth of the region, of the whole world.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government has enormous responsibilities. It continues the policy of the previous governments of ND - PASOK, on the account of the Greek capital that is claiming its part from the distribution of the loot and of the market shares. While it is striking down the Greek people through measures, and is mortgaging for the following decades the future of the youth, at the same time it implicates our country deeper in this massacre, which always has as its victims the many, in favour of the interests of the few.

The hawks of war are congratulating the Greek government; because it offers to NATO “a pile” of money for military expenditure, which has nothing to do with the defence of the country; because it turns Greece into a vast US-NATO base, which is of utmost importance for the aggressive attacks of NATO in the Region. NATO and the EU, as well as all the associations of the imperialists and all of their government have the above mentioned character, it was like that during the past, it currently is, and it will always be. Our weapon against their plans, against the decayed system that gives birth to poverty, crisis, wars, is the solidarity and the common struggle of the peoples.

We must not wait anymore! We demonstrate against the war of the imperialists!

We address towards each young man and woman an appeal of action and struggle.

The youth should be in the forefront of the struggle against the imperialist war;

in order to close down the Souda military base and all foreign military bases in Greece;

for the Greek troops to return from their missions abroad;

for the disengagement of our country from NATO and the EU!

We participate in the mobilizations and the rallies organized by the KKE, in all over Greece!

We respond in a massive way with the slogan: We will not submit to imperialism! The true force lies within the peoples!

KNE 2011