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19th Congress of KKE

KNE CONGRESS: KKE's political proposal of a way out to become a beacon of hope for the majority of the youth

On 15-17 February 2019, with a spirit of militant optimism and in a climate of meaningful debate, the work of the 12th Congress of the Youth of the KKE, the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), took place.

The congress took place under conditions where in Greece we are experiencing an acceleration of redeployment within the alliances of the bourgeois parties in the general framework of the overall regrouping of the bourgeois political system. A newly-staged arena is being set up, which will play itself out through various episodes until May 2019, where the European Elections, the local and regional elections and quite possibly, the early parliamentary elections, will take place in the country.
Under these conditions, KNE is called upon to respond to the concerns and obstacles experienced by the youth, living in this rotten exploitative system. To fuel dreams and hopes for a truly happy life, spreading the political proposal of the KKE, which objectively can become a beacon of hope for the majority of youth.To continue to steadily win young and working-popular consciences to the side of the KKE.


The proceedings of the 12th conference began with a video showing, followed by the Opening Statement by the outgoing Central Council of KNE

Speech by D. Koutsoumpas

The GS of the CC of the KKE, DimitrisKoutsoumpas, speaking at the 12th Congress of KNE, noted: "I would like to convey to you the revolutionary greetings of our Party's CC, all its members and cadres. All eyes of the Party, all over the country, are focused on this auditorium, your congress. With the certainty that this Congress will also be successful and its Resolutions will be realized from tomorrow, in life, in the fire of the class struggle. For there to be more of us, for us to become more capable. To pave the way for the truly modern and new, “To win the fight for a world worthy of our dreams, worthy of our people”, socialism, as your slogan says. We are proud of the KKE Youth, KNE, whose course reflects the youthful storming on the future for the new socialist-communist society. From the 100 years of KKE's heroic course, from the battles and clashes of the past, today's new fighters can learn a lot, draw conclusions. Become better, drawing experience from the methods and ingenuity that each of our comrades have summoned up to become more capable fighters in the Party's cause to serve the working class, the people. Better assimilating the course of mastering the revolutionary line of our Party, you can steel your hearts and hold flames in your souls for the battles that are coming.”

D. Koutsoumpas, referring to the developments in the country, stressed that: "The Greek bourgeoisie and its government in our country, with the agreement of all the other bourgeois staff, have taken on the role of a NATO flag-bearer, as our Party has estimated; the bourgeoisie, aggressively - and not in a defensive posture - participates in all the processes that are taking place either within the framework of imperialist peace today or in the context of a more generalized imperialist war tomorrow.
The openly declared and also unstated goal of all these is to integrate the working-class and popular forces, and the youth into bourgeois planning, to support capital's choices and to ensure fabled governmental stability. "

The GS of the CC of the KKE commented on the changes in the political scene with the dissolution of smaller parties and the attempt to create two political poles, one centered around the "conservative" ND and a "progressive" pole, centered around SYRIZA, who with its recent governmental reshuffling has incorporated other politicians from PASOK's old and corrupt social democracy.

D. Koutsoumpas referred to the strategic convergence of these two "poles", which are both in favor of  big capital and Euroatlanticism, as well as to their individual differences, exploited by these forces in order to deceive the workers, the youth.

The GC of the CC of the KKE addressing the representatives of the 12th KNE Congress, noted: "We will lead a very tough battle. Our propaganda, enlightenment, needs to be well-elaborated, focusing on the experience that workers and young people have accumulated from the course of things over the previous years. To make use of the increased prestige of the Party due to its stability and its militancy in the struggle for popular rights and needs. To highlight that the strengthening of the KKE in all the ballots, with wider rallying, with many new forces in the battle, is the only option that can make a difference today for workers, our people, the youth. Any other option will strengthen anti-people policies, the implementation of old and new measures, an EU Memorandum of duration that is implemented at all levels of state capitalist power. "

The Conference Resolutions

The report and the closing statement of KNE's Central Council were unanimously voted upon, as was the report by the Central Audit Committee. The 12th Congress of the KNE unanimously voted for the Congress Resolution. The work was completed with the election of a new Central Council and a new Central Audit Committee of the Organization.
In its first session, the CC re-appointed Nikos Ambatielos as Secretary.

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