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19th Congress of KKE

Event about the developments in Turkey

The Sectoral Organization of the School of Law, Economic and Political Science of the University of Athensof KNE organized on February 18than interesting event at the Law School of Athens, with the participation of delegates of the Communist Youth of Turkey, concerning the developments in Turkey, how the people and the youth of the country experience them, as well as the struggle that is developed.

ŞimalErtekin, member of the International Relations Committee of the Communist Youth of Turkey, opened the discussion by thanking KNE for giving them the opportunity to talk about the action of the Organization. She began by presenting briefly the history of the Turkish state up until now and then she referred to the processes in the central political scene of Turkey, as well as the action of the Communist Party of Turkey and the Communist Youth Organization, pointing out: “The continuous work of our Party and its Youth Organization, to show that the workers must not fall into the trap of the alternatives that are being presented by the system, puts the class-oriented organization at the front line, as a means of conflict with the rotten political system in Turkey. It develops committees and several resistance hotspots, so that politics will not be a matter of employer-led organizations, gangs, the plutocracy and members of the parliament., so that the people will be able to participate in politics in the workplace, at schools, at the neighborhoods”. She also mentioned the upcoming elections on the 31st of March, in which the Communist Party of Turkey will take part with its own title for the first time after 5 years.

The event continued with an interesting discussion with Doğa Can Oruçoğlu, member of the Bureau of the Central Council of the Communist Youth of Turkey, who answered to the students’ questions. Among the issues that were highlighted was also the situation at schools and universities, the intervention of the bourgeoisie in the consciousness of the youth and the initiatives that the young communists develop, the situation in the trade union movement and amongst the ruralpopulation, the position of women and in which way it is utilized to secure cheap labour force, the common worries of the young people, the need for struggles in a class-oriented direction, so that the people cantruly gain actual control of their lives.

The slogan of the event was the words of NazimHikmet “The point is not to surrender” and the Sectoral Organization of KNE, in a symbolic gesture, gifted to the delegates of the Communist Youth of Turkey a portrait of NazimHikmet.

KNE 2011