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19th Congress of KKE

Student elections in Greece. The communists in 2nd place, with an increase in votes and over 20%

The elections to the committees of the student unions of the universities and technical institutes of Greece were held on April 10 2019. Student groupings, which are supported by the youth organizations of the country's political parties, participated in these elections.



Thousands of students voted in their unions in order to elect their representatives on the student committees, in a year that is characterized by the electoral battles we have in front of us (European elections, regional and local elections on 26/5 and general elections will be held before October), but also by the restructuring being rapidly advanced by the Syriza government in Higher Education, the mergers of institutions, the greater differentiation of graduates and degrees, the continued underfunding, the commodification of education etc.

In these elections, "Panspoudastiki", the student grouping that supports the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) and the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), emerged as the 2nd force, with 23.29% (11,510 votes) in the universities and 20.89% (2,115 votes) in the technical institutes.

The new strengthening of "Panspoudastiki" is a significant response give by the students both to the anti-people policies of the government and EU and also to the phenomena of the degradation of the student unions, the attempt to corrode and dissolve them, which is the aim of the bourgeois parties.

It is also characteristic that the grouping of the governing "Left" Syriza party once again received a very low percentage (1.3 % in the universities and 1.5% in the technical institutes).

"Panspoudastiki" achieved 1st place in dozens of student unions all over the country, while it should be noted that many student unions, where the communists had strong bases over the previous years, coordinate their activity in the framework of the "Students' Front of Struggle" (MAS).

In his statement to the mass media, the Secretary of the Central Council of KNE, Nikos Ambatielos, stressed amongst other things: " A radical current is strengthening amongst the students, something that must be also expressed in the electoral battles in the next period via the strengthening of the KKE everywhere. Those students that supported the lists of "Panspoudastiki", as well as many others that are concerned about their future have a great opportunity: They can provide a response to capital and the EU, to the governments and parties that are in their service and plan for their future, by supporting the lists of the KKE in the European elections and the lists of "People's Rally" in the local and regional elections.

"Panspoudastiki" emerges as the 1st force in dozens of student unions nationwide. It is encouraging that the bloc of student unions that takes and will take the matter of the militant regroupment of the student movement into their hands has been strengthened. Which will advance and strengthen the line of conflict against the governments, the EU and capital. This combative section of the student unions, which is expressed by the Students' Front of Struggle, is the hope that the dissolution and degeneration in the student movement can be put to an end."



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