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19th Congress of KKE

Mass Demonstration at the US Embassy against the agreement on the expansion of NATO bases

With a mobilization at Syntagma square and a march towards the US Embassy, thousands of workers and young people of Athens expressed their opposition to the renewal of the Greek-USA agreement on the military bases.


This agreement includes expanding and strengthening the NATO bases in our country, a fact that upgrades our country to a base of the imperialist interventions in the wider region, thus putting our people at great risk. This is an agreement that the SYRIZA government initiated and now the ND continues and develops in the framework of the “Strategic Dialogue” with the USA.

By shouting out the slogans "No land, no water for the killers of the peoples", "Shut down the bases, no participation or involvement in the NATO-war", "We do not want the protection of NATO - Τhrow the predatory alliance out" and " Greece out of NATO ", the protesters expressed the popular sentiment that the NATO bases should not be expanded and they gave a categorical response, towards the effort of the government and other bourgeois parties to sow the dangerous complacency, to persuade us of the alleged "benefits” of this agreement.

As a symbolic condemnation move against American imperialism, the protesters that marched past the statue of the American President Truman, slaughterer of peoples, threw red paint on it. Police forces rushed to defend the statue and responded by using chemicals and hit-and-run bombs, which was not enough to prevent the continuation of the march towards the US Embassy.


When they arrived in front of the embassy building, they burnt an American and a NATO flag, both of them symbols of imperialism that wants peoples and countries to be wet with blood for its own interests.

Similar mobilizations took place today in other major cities, such as Thessaloniki and Patras.

In a statement, the Secretary General of the CC of the KKE, D. Koutsoumbas highlighted:

"The signing of the new Greece-USA agreement, and especially the maintenance and expansion of american military bases in Greece, lead the Greek people to even greater insecurity and the region to further destabilization, to an even greater involvement in interventions, missions out of our borders and imperialist wars, and that is why we express from today a stentorian "no" against this whole situation. We continue the struggle, we continue the resistance. "






KNE 2011