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19th Congress of KKE

Participation of KNE in an event held by the Front of the Communist Youth (FGC) on the struggle against anti-communism

KNE participated in an event of FGC held on Friday, the 25th of October at the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy, at the University of Sapienza in Rome, on the theme: "The resolution of the European Union against History".


Lorenzo Lang spoke on behalf of the FGC,  Secretary of the CC, as well as Paulo Spena, Second Secretary of  CC, while on behalf of KNE the speaker was Nikos Zacharopoulos, a member of the CC Office.

“They shoot the past to kill the future!"

N. Zacharopoulos spoke in detail of what happened at the European Parliament in the end of September concerning the passage of the anti-communist resolution, and among other things he noted: "Why does the bourgeois class choose to invest so much in anti-communism today? Why do they spend millions of euros creating anti-communist museums, funding the "educational" anti-communist programs of the EU for something "washed up", as they present socialism to be, or that "belongs to the past", etc.? What are they afraid of?

Comrades, the capitalists, their governments and their unions, shoot the past to kill the future!

They also observe the developments themselves, and it is a fact that lately the bourgeois class is really concerned about the volatility of the capitalist economy, the prospect of a new financial crisis, while the scars of the previous capitalist crisis are still fresh. During a time period when it is obvious that the antagonisms among strong capitalist states are leading to imperialist interventions and bloodshed of the peoples.

In short, they themselves also realise that the effects of the rotting capitalism make the system lose its glamour before the eyes of the peoples. They discredit it, and are able to do that in an even greater extent. Everything that is recorded as a "database" in the popular consciousness, only under specific conditions and certainly with the intervention of the Communists, can be used as a tool of emancipation, of questioning the perpetuation of the capitalist system. They know that very well! That is why they get prepared and take a host of anti-communist and repressive measures.

The "democratic wrapper of the EU" is being unravelled,  when today in member-states we see :
- CPs to be considered illegal in the Baltic countries (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia).
- In Poland the ban of the action of the CP to be promoted through a new law.
- Communist symbols in Hungary to be illegal.
- Germany’ s law of the 1960s, that had outlawed the CP of Germany, to be still into force.

And, of course, we do not forget that our Party, the KKE, has been illegal for over three decades. In fact, during the twenty of those years we had not a dictatorship in Greece, but bourgeois democracy!”.

In his speech he also mentioned how the KKE and KNE fight against anti-communism in Greece, by undertaking initiatives in the mass movement, by writing articles in Rizospastis and Odigitis, by holding events with historical content that highlight the historical truth about the Second World War. He stressed the importance of expressing solidarity with persecuted communists and militants around the world, while he also referred to the recent joint resolution of 40 Communist Youth Organisations from around the world entitled "The future cannot be banned! The future of youth is Socialism!".

To the question raised in the discussion that followed, if "every worker today can be actively involved in the decision-making and implementation of those decisions or if this is a privilege for only a few people", N. Zacharopoulos quoted Lenin's words: "In capitalist society we have a truncated, maligned and wronlgy shared democracy, only for the rich, for the minority.  The dictatorship of the proletariat, the period of the transition to communism, will bring for the first time the democracy of the people, of the majority, along with the necessary subjugation of the minority of the exploiters. Only communism can deliver a truly complete democracy”.

KNE 2011