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19th Congress of KKE

Initiatives of the KKE and KNE throughout Greece to strengthen the educational and ideological current.

Book exhibitions of the publications of “Synchroni Epochi”, the publishing house and bookstore of KKE, are in progress in many cities around Greece. This action is part of the continuous effort of the KKE and KNE to strengthen the educational and ideological current among the members and friends of KKE and KNE, as well as the people and youth of the country in general. One of the initiatives was a three-day book exhibition at the Aristotle University of the Polytechnic School of Thessaloniki organized by KNE’s Regional Organization of the Universities of Thessaloniki, in which numerous students attended.


Within the framework of the exhibition an interesting event was held, titled: “On the footsteps of Kamo, Jersinsky, the Bolsheviks’ militant experience”. At the event, three books of “Synchroni Epochi” were presented, on the life and activity of the Bolsheviks before the socialist revolution of 1917, as well as during the early years of the socialist construction. These books are "Kamo", which is about the Georgian Bolshevik Simon Ter-Petrosian, a revolutionary, who was a master in illegal work, "Felix Jervinsky", a small edition on the NKVD revolutionary leader and staunch communist, devoted to the defending of the socialist revolution, and the book "From the Bolsheviks’ Fighting Experience", a collection of texts on the action of the Bolsheviks within the years leading up to the revolution.

The cadre of KNE, who spoke at the event, referred to the importance of studying the texts that are included in this edition and of utilizing the rich conclusions of that period for today's communist struggle. In his speech, he noted: “The publication of these books was fired by the 100th anniversary of the victorious Revolution of 1917 in Russia, as our Party does not consider such anniversaries as memorial services, that help us remembering the past, but as part of the overall effort to draw conclusions and make assessments that contribute to the shaping of the modern revolutionary ideological-political processes of both the Party and the International Communist Movement. An important, timely conclusion drawn from the Bolsheviks’ experience is the need for the revolutionary party to develop the ability to adapt in time to sudden changes of the general situation and to alternative forms of struggle, in order to confront state repression as successfully as possible under all circumstances. In the editions “Felix Jersinsky” and “Kamo”, an attempt is being made, to bring out the great examples of stability and determination in defending the principles of the revolutionary worldview against the bourgeois ideology and opportunism, in organizing the revolutionary movement based on the proletarian internationalism and in gathering and guiding the militant revolution forces towards decisive clashes against the opponent of the working class”.

In addition to the above, the speaker referred to the timeliness of the conclusions drawn from the victorious attempt of the construction of socialism: “The October Revolution did not come on a fine morning and ended with the victory of the revolution. The Bolsheviks’ slow and exhausting work preceded, lasting many years. The Party needed to be cleansed of liquidation rationales and to adopt a clear revolutionary strategic perspective -an issue coming up again today concerning the International Communist Movement. "

There was a rich discussion afterwards with the young people, who attended the event, with questions on the content of the publications, but also on the contemporary conclusions that emerge from them. Many were the people, who purchased these specific editions.

KNE 2011