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19th Congress of KKE

Through a mass mobilization people demanded a renouncement of the shameful USA-Greece agreement on the military bases

The Struggle Committee against the Agreement on the Military Bases organized a great rally against the renewal, expansion and strengthening of the USA-Greece agreement on the military bases on Thursday the 30th of January. This very agreement turns Greece into a huge base for imperialist operations and interventions against the people.

From the rally at Syntagma square to the march that reached the USA embassy, the workers and youth condemned the agreement, demanded disengagement from NATO and the EU and disentanglement from the imperialist plannings and wars. “Close the military bases and headquarters down, we won’t fight for NATO’s slaughterhouses’’ was the slogan they repeatedly shouted, and when the march reached the embassy, they burnt the American flag.


Lieutenant Colonel (Retired), Nikos Papanastasis, member of the National Council of the Committee for International Détente and Peace and a KKE MP gave the opening speech. Giota Tavoulari, President of the Federation of Workers in Pharmaceutical Industry, spoke on behalf of the Struggle Committee.

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, Secretary General of the CC of KKE joined the demonstration, after leaving the Parliament building. In the mobilization participated also a large delegation of the CC of KKE.

The soldiers’ message, who participated in the rally, was read through the loudspeakers to the protesters and was warmly applauded: “We, the soldiers, who are now serving our duty, experience the increasing involvement of the Armed Forces in the imperialist plannings first hand. On our everyday conversations we receive an intense concern on “what is going to happen”, “if we are going to face a “hot incident””, on the reason why our army is being sent to Saudi Arabia and Libya”. Despite the efforts of the government to persuade the soldiers and youth that “without NATO and the EU we are lost, that NATO protects us from the Turkish aggression”, most of the soldiers are turning their back to the dangerous plannings, which turn us and the people into a target.”

Protesters cleared out that “Soldiers are children of the people and they have no reason to be outside our borders” while the Movement for the National Defense demonstrated with its banner the demand that no soldier should be sent to Libya or Saudi Arabia, no ship should be sent to the Persian Gulf.

Palestinian protesters were also present holding the flags of their country, expressing their anger against the USA- Israel plan, which legalizes the illegal occupation of the Palestinian territory by Israel.

Such vibrant mobilizations took place in tens of other cities, such as Thessaloniki, Alexandroupoli, Kalamata, Ikaria, Agrinio, Iraklio,  Chania, Kefalonia, Larisa, Volos, Trikala, Patra, Katerini and Giannena.

KNE 2011