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19th Congress of KKE

Large and massive student mobilizations in Athens against the escalation of the anti - educational policy

A strong message against the anti-educational policy of all governments over time is given by the students in Greece through massive mobilizations. They fight against a school that will actually be an examination center and against a degree, which is disconnected from the right to work.




These new large mobilizations in the center of Athens, on February the 10th, where thousands of students participated from schools of many areas of Attica, were triggered by the new reforms of the ND government, with which the equalization of the degrees of private colleges and those of public universities is being legislated, as well as the introduction of the bank of subjects and of the minimum grade of 10 for the university entrance. At the same time, they demand that the gaps in their schools regarding professors and infrastructure are covered.


The vibrant mobilization was conducted after a call of the Coordination Committee of the School Students of Athens. Their rally was supported by the Federation of the Parents, as well as by the trade union of the professors in secondary education. The following slogans were written in the placards of the students: "Do not implement the equalization of the degrees of public universities with those of  private colleges. A school that educates us and does not exhaust us", "We want a school that is creative and not an examination center", "The students are on the streets, the multinational companies should get out of our schools" and " Give money for Education and not for the slaughterhouses of NATO!"

KNE 2011