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19th Congress of KKE

The action of KNE in Greece in the Covid-19 era


Since the very first moment the current difficult situation arose due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we, the members and friends of ΚΝΕ, were found on the frontline to support public health and the rights of youth, wherever they live, study and work in Greece. With the initiative and the militant activity of the forces of ΚΝΕ, since the first days of quarantine, we seek to break in practice the state of silence and submission the government wants to pass to workers, people and the youth.

We act with awareness we wage a difficult battle. An unprecedented battle for our generation. A demanding battle because it will last for long and its consequences will be far greater than what we have experienced until now. A complex battle, because the conflict, the ideological and political attack, especially on youth, is being strengthened and will be escalated in the short-term by the government and overall the bourgeoisie and their political parties.


We understand that the young communists’ responsibility increases even more during these difficult conditions. We do not cease our action. We adjust it. The content of action of the ΚΚΕ and ΚΝΕ is reflected by the slogan: “We stay strong, we do not stay silent”.

On the Poster: Even the covered mouths have a voice - We make it stronger for the protection measures fro the haelth and the rights of workers.

The posters are placed in central areas of the cities of the country, conveying to the people the optimistic and militant message of the KKE

In current conditions, the action of ΚΝΕ, by the side of the ΚΚΕ, is summarised in the following axes:

1. The conditions force us to focus on informing our forces, on enlightening the youth who keep up with the positions and the proposals of the ΚΚΕ, but also on enlightening many other people who are concerned with the recent developments and they want to listen to us for the first time. This is the reason we study intensively the daily newspaper of our Party, “Rizospastis”, the organ of Central Comittee of the ΚΚΕ. We work to increase the subscribers, namely the houses where the newspaper will enter, something which is very important during these unusual conditions, to beat the bourgeois propaganda off. At the same time ΚΝΕ publishes a special issue of their monthly magazine, the organ of the Central Council, “Odigitis”.

KKE's banners outside hospitals, workplaces and neighbourhoods, conveying to the people the message of solidarity and demand:

Protection of people's health. The labour rights must be ensured

Moreover, we utilize several media on the internet: the portal of our Party which ensures the constant streaming of news and analysis, but also the new and updated sites of the ΚΚΕ and ΚΝΕ. We utilize and we intervene in an organised way in the internet and in the Social Media so the voice of the ΚΚΕ and ΚΝΕ can reach even more young people. We upload plenty of enlightening videos on the accounts of the ΚΚΕ and ΚΝΕ. A few weeks ago, we launched the new multithemed podcast of ΚΝΕ, which is already very successful through its first three episodes, since tens of thousands of young people watch it. In our enlightening action we utilize the Common Announements of dozens of Communist and Worker’s Parties, and Communist Youth Organizations as well, we utilize activity and initiatives of communists from all over the world.

2. We take precautions for the people and youth to use in a creative way their time at home due to the quarantine. We utilize our printed media  as well as the the internet to make proposals on music, books, movies, to carry out book presentations through the internet. On the website of ΚΝΕ we created a section entitled “We stay strong – We ‘escape’ with the proposals of ΚΝΕ”, where theatrical performances, children’s theatrical performances, concerts from the festivals of ΚΝΕ and new productions as well, which take place in the Center of Culture and Youthful Creation of ΚΝΕ in Athens, workshops, events of the ΚΚΕ and ΚΝΕ are being showed. Recently we put in motion, through the Party’s website, a virtual tour of the visual arts exhibition about the political prisoners’ resistance in jails and in the places of exile, an exhibition which was organised by the Central Comittee of the ΚΚΕ in March but it was suspended due to coronavirus. Also, through our websites we show videos sent to us by artists themselves and we present their work which, via their songs, promotes resistance, demand and solidarity.

Interventions of the federation of Accountants of Greece, the Union of Accountant Controllers of Attica Region and the Struggle Committees of Salaried and Self-Employed Scientists, at the Ministries of Labour and Justice

3. We act in a millitant and decisive way within workplaces, places where youth lives, neightbourhoods, in regard to the demanding issues which concern the shortcomings not only in health but also in labour rights. We put banners and posters in supermarkets, hospitals, mass workplaces that are still operating, in places where we can actually find people these days. We get on the frontline in workplaces to reveal and denounce the employer’s abuse and the abuse of government’s policy; They attempt to charge the working people’s shoulders with new burdens. We call upon the working people to inform their trade unions about any problem, about any lack of health and safety measures, to create health and safety committees within workplaces.


Protest of a delegation of teachers outside the Ministry of Education, On the occasion of the shortages concerning the e-learning process that make more difficult for all the school-students to have access to it.

At the same time, teachers from all around the country have collected 5.500 signatures on a protest letter concerning the great problems with the remote learning process.



The mobilization of the Federation of Doctors' Associations in hospitals outside the Ministry of Health, which got around all over Greece, breaking from the very first moment the silence that the goverment attempted to force.



Our forces organize and support mobilizations, like the mobilization of the Federation of Doctors' Associations in Hospitals in Greece at the Ministry of Health (the first mobilization of this period in Greece), for the assertion of immediate measures of confrontation and protection from the coronavirus, and also many others that followed this one in the whole country. Other significant mobilizations were carried out by boarding students of university dormitories, who demanded and imposed their stay at the dormitory, after organizing general assemblies and militant interventions; along with the interventions of the Labor Centre of Lavrio – Eastern Attica at the offices of the handling services company “Swissport”, which had fired hundreds of employees at the Athens International Airport in the previous days. In addition, in the neighborhoods of Athens, mini vans of trade unions and mass organizations, with megaphones were addressing a call for the Day of Nationwide Action for Health, announced by the Federation of Doctors' Associations in Hospitals, on the 7th of April, world Health Day.

4. We step ahead for the immediate organization of solidarity with those affected by the current situation, so that no family will feel alone. Solidarity committees are already being formed in the neighborhoods, while workers’ unions are taking initiatives to provide material support to those who became recently unemployed or are no paid, like the initiative of the Association of Musicians of Greece. At the same time, all over the Greece, initiatives and committees have been created by boarding students and the students’ associations. After proposals of members of KNE at the administration board of students’ associations of Medicine and Nursing Universities, in many cities, the voluntary contribution of the graduate and senior students against the pandemic is taking place, with hundreds of new forces on the side of the health officers and the public health system. Similar initiatives have been assumed by student associations of chemical engineers, of departments of Pharmacy and other related technologies to prepare antiseptics, available free of charge to public hospitals and boarding students. Many student associations organize voluntary blood donation, while school-student councils across the country decided that the school-students in their schools could send their artistic creations (paintings, artwork, etc.) to doctors and nurses to give them courage in their difficult struggle.

In these circumstances, we use all means to promote our positions, in order to contribute to the formation of a framework of demands, but also to reveal the anti-people character of the government policy. In the discussion with the youth, we utilize the activity of the Party's parliamentary group, by submitting to the parliament the demands of trade unions and other mass organizations, the questions on the most pressing problems (for example the problems of young workers, school-students and students).

What will be determined nowadays is the issue that concerns what kind of conclusions will be drawn out from everything the young people of working class and popular strata are experiencing within this period; Conclusions that will determine not only their current stance, but also their future stance.  We aim so that it will be perceived as widely as possible that all the anti-people measures which are being taken under the pretext of the pandemic, will only be overthrown by the struggle. We are fostering a political criterion within the youth, so that there will be no trust in the government and the bourgeois state, so that it will be mature within the conscience that capitalism, which focuses on profit, cannot solve basic problems of living and survival of world population in the 21st century.

Socialism emerges dazzlingly as the great necessity of our epoch. Socialism is the answer for the 21st century. We deny the political "quarantine"; we oppose the "quarantine" in thought. We think, we study and we act, facing today, adjusting our action, but with a view towards tomorrow, preparing for tomorrow.

The International Relations Committee of the CC of KNE

From the general assembly of doctors of "Evangelismos" Hospital, at the hospital's courtyard


The newscasts made no mention to the Press Conference of the Federation of Doctors' Associations in Hospitals concerning the critical problems with the public healthcare related with the pandemic, a Press conference that took place on the occasion of the Day of Nationwide Action for Health, on April 7th.



KNE 2011