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19th Congress of KKE

Statement of Giorgos Marinos on the Environmental Law

Giorgos Marinos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE and Member of Parliament, stress out in his statement on the Environmental Law:

“The government of ND, by exploiting the “opportunity” presented by the pandemic, continues voting any anti-people anti-labour measure that had remained out of the memoranda laws, while using fast-track procedures. The monstrosity Environmental Law was voted yesterday night by the Parliament’s Plenary Session. This Law is based on the EU directives and gives away mountains, lakes, Natura Protection areas of unique natural beauty, to the business groups so that they could find a way out for their stagnant capitals, on the occasion of the new capitalist crisis as well.


The other parties of the parliament focused their disagreement on some mere details and more generally on the management formula. They voted against the bill, despite agreeing in its core, which concerns investment attraction, the further deregulation of Energy sector and investments in Renewal Energy Sources (RES) and the so-called “green economy”, factors that have already caused painful consequences on the workers in these sectors as well as on the popular households. In the end and when the procedure got to the point, i.e. the roll-call vote, SYRIZA left the session, obviously to avoid voting against articles that has already supported in the previous period, such as the authorization of leasing agreements of land areas for extraction of hydrocarbons in Natura Protection areas, or other laws concerning the deregulation of Energy sector.

The Parliamentary Group of the KKE gave prominence to the reactionary content of the bill, which confirms that growth with the capitalist profit as its criterion and environmental protection are two incompatible with each other notions. We have long experience on this matter, more specifically in the consequences of the promotion of big interests, of plans with the profit as their criterion and installation sprawl of wind farms.

The South part of the Island of Evia is already by far the region with the largest capacity of installed wind parks in the country. Nowadays there are new wind farms being installed in the regions of Oktonia, Koskina and Stuppaious, while new authorization are granted for the regions of Kotylaia mountains and Nimporio.

And we are aware that they will not stop here, since there have already been revealed plans to install wind turbines in the Municipality of Dirfion-Messapion as well.

Regardless of the promises of the installation companies for millions of euros given to the local communities, reality is really hard. The popular families in the Municipalities of Karystos and Kimis-Aliveri experience the large increase in the electricity bills, the power cuts at the expense of popular families and self-employed professionals, the ecosystem destruction, in exchange for a handful of job posts during the construction works for the installation in really dangerous work conditions.

That’s why:

NOW we must continue the struggle against the law-monstrosity and its regulations! We must put an end to the installation sprawl of wind farms in Southern Evia. We must demand cheap electricity for the people without any power cuts.”

KNE 2011