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19th Congress of KKE

University Students' Rallies. Withdraw the new bill - Universities and schools must be safely reopened

On Thursday, January 21, university students protested in the center of Athens for their studies, education and future, demanding the universities, which have been closed for about a year, to be reopened and denouncing government plans to set up a police force within universities.

With a rally in the center of Athens and a march towards the Parliament, 25 student associations demonstrated together with students, teachers, trade unions and workers' federations that united their voice with the students. "We are defending our education and our future," "we are struggling for the studies and education we need," they said, demanding that the 30 million the government provides in order to to set up a police force  be given to reopen universities with all the necessary measures against the pandemic.

Outside the Parliament, the students raised university textbooks in their hands, shouting slogans such us "Our institutions do not lack police forces, but money, teachers, and books" and demanding funding for open universities, not for policemen and students' expulsions.


Similar rallies were held in many other cities of the country. In Thessaloniki, the gathering of students was unnecessarily and violently attacked by the police. The KKE denounced the attack and demanded the release of all arrested students.

In a statement, the CC of the KNE stressed: "If the government believes that it will get rid of the students and their fair demands, it is completely mistaken! They have not said their last word! They will decisively continue the struggle for open, public and free universities, which will promote learning and research for the benefit of the people and not the business activity and investments of the few. They will struggle for universities of academic freedom and research and not repression and authoritarianism! "

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KNE 2011