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19th Congress of KKE

The problems and the assertion of rights do not stop at the gates of the military camps!

During the week between 5 to 9 April, the KKE and the KNE carried out a nationwide intervention for the rights of the young army conscripts, organizing campaigns to inform the conscripts and the people (military service in Greece is compulsory) as well as holding gatherings outside the camps. Under the responsibility of the government, the camps have been turned into coronavirus “infection bombs”. At the same time, the government plans to increase the military service to 12 months for Ground Forces.

On the occasion of the nationwide intervention of the KKE and the KNE for the rights of young conscripts, the General Secretary of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumbas, stated among other things:

“The government must finally bear its responsibility. The vaccination of all the personnel of the Armed Forces should proceed immediately and quickly. It must provide measures for decongesting rooms and common areas, for continuous disinfection, and for repeated diagnostic tests.

- Not to the increase of the military service.

- The Armed Forces personnel and means that are outside the borders participating in dozens of NATO, US and EU missions must return.

- Financial support must be provided to all conscripts, as they themselves assert, in order to cover their personal expenses.

- As long as the problems remain and are exacerbated inside the units, the conscripts have every right to assert their solution!

- The KKE and the KNE will be by their side!”.

KNE 2011