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19th Congress of KKE

The National Meeting of the Students’ Militant Front (MAS) was convened in Athens

Militancy, decisiveness and optimism; these were the elements that characterized the National Meeting of the Students’ Militant Front (MAS) that was convened on Saturday, 24 April 2021 in Athens, in the School of Philosophy of the University of Athens, with the participation of delegates from 66 student unions and 27 student struggle committees from all over the country. Along with the hundreds of participants that attended the meeting, thousands of students participatedin the discussionthrough the live web broadcast.


The discussion was very rich. The students conveyed the experience of the student unions and struggle committees’ activity during the previous period throughout the country, spearheaded by their struggle for the reopening of universities, which have remained closed for more than a year under the responsibility of the government, by using all the necessary health protection measures. The students also exchanged experience from the struggle they waged for the revocation of the reactionary law for Universities brought by the New Democracy (ND) government; a law that further undermines the public and free character of universities, creates new class barriers and reinforces repression by introducing the University Police.

While concluding the meeting, the students sent the message that “We continue our struggle; we keep on strengthening our effort so that we become students again; we fight for the studies and the life we deserve”.  With their meeting and their activity during the whole previous period, the students brought to life the following slogan, which was heard many times during the proceedings and shows their militant spirit: “The young generation has ideals; neither can it be bought off, nor does it bow down”.

KNE 2011