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19th Congress of KKE

The work of the 21st Congress of the KKE was successfully completed

The 21st Congress completed its work on 27/06/21 under the anthem of the Internationale, electing the new Central Committee (81 members) and the Central Audit Committee (7 members). The CC in its first meeting unanimously elected Dimitris Koutsoumbas as the General Secretary of the CC of the KKE.


The Congress of the KKE began with the opening event on Thursday 24/6, while it continued its work at the Headquarters of the CC of the KKE on Friday and Sunday 25–26/6. 67 delegates spoke during the rich 2-day discussion about the 1st topic of the agenda of the 21st Congress of the KKE regarding the report of action of the Central Committee and the Central Audit Committee as well as the planning of action up until the 22nd Congress.

The substantial agreement with the Theses and the Report of the CC was expressed during the discussion, while rich experience  from the vanguard communist action on all popular problems was conveyed as well.  There was a great deal of reflection about the main issue, that is, how the role of the KKE as the organized vanguard will become more distinct under the contemporary conditions; how to make steps towards the organization of the working class, the urban self-employed, the toiling farmers, the youth, and the women in their trade unions, associations, and mass organizations; how to promote the coordination of their struggle, solidarity, and social alliance; how to develop the struggle in an anti-capitalist and anti-monopoly direction.

The Report and Closing Remarks of the CC of the KKE were unanimously approved. The Theses of the CC, which had been published for a 3-month public and inner-party discussion, as well as the Report of the Central Audit Committee were unanimously approved as well.

The 21st Congress unanimously adopted the Political Resolution of the Congress, which defines the Party's tasks up to the 22nd Congress. The 21st Congress also unanimously adopted a separate special Resolution on the communists' tasks among the working class and its movement as well as the social alliance.

It should be noted that 102 Communist and Workers' Parties across the world have sent Messages of Greetings to the 21st Congress of the KKE, expressing their wishes for the success of its work. The original messages can be found here, while the messages translated in Greek are published in the news portal of the KKE – in the address

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