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19th Congress of KKE

Initiatives of the KKE and KNE throughout Greece to strengthen the educational and ideological current.

Book exhibitions of the publications of “Synchroni Epochi”, the publishing house and bookstore of KKE, are in progress in many cities around Greece. This action is part of the continuous effort of the KKE and KNE to strengthen the educational and ideological current among the members and friends of KKE and KNE, as well as the people and youth of the country in general. One of the initiatives was a three-day book exhibition at the Aristotle University of the Polytechnic School of Thessaloniki organized by KNE’s Regional Organization of the Universities of Thessaloniki, in which numerous students attended.


Provocative “whitewashing” and shield of protection for the criminal action of the Nazi Golden Dawn

The proposal made by the public prosecutor in the trial of the Golden Dawn is unacceptable. It contradicts directly the antifascist feelings of the vast majority of the Greek people and it brutally insults the dozens of its victims. In its essence, it is a complete acceptance of the Nazi’s line of defense, since it basically asks for the acquittal of the 65 Nazi defendants (18 MPs and 47 members of the party). It is a copy of part of the plea of the Nazi leader of this criminal, murderous organisation, in the beginning of November. And it is summarized more or less, in what he had stated back then regarding the murder of Fyssas. "It is the story of one man murdering another one". The questions raised are many and big, since what the prosecutor proposes does not even “fit” with typical judicial arguments. What is their purpose, therefore? Who are those who intend to let the Nazi murderers off? Which mechanisms of the system work on this senario?


Massive and militant rally against the landfill polluting the west suburbs of Athens

Hundreds of students marched alongside with workers outside the municipality of Petroupoli on December 18 against the landfill that has been in the city for more than 50 years and has been polluting all west suburbs of Athens destroying the environment and the health of the working class-popular families residing in the area.


Statement of the KKE on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

On the occasion of the international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, the KKE expresses its full support of the continuing just struggle of the Palestinians for more than 70 years. The long and heroic struggle of the people of Palestine, despite the negative correlation of forces, inspires just popular struggles throughout the world.


Solidaridad con la lucha juvenil en Chile

Saludamos la lucha de la juventud chilena, las protestas y huelgas, masivas - militantes y populares, que han estallado, contra las medidas duras y antipopulares del gobierno de Piñera, que han empeorado la vida del pueblo obrero, las últimas de las cuales son el aumento de los precios en los medios de transporte, en los combustibles y en las facturas de luz, que reducen aun más el ingreso popular.

Condenamos la represión violenta de las protestas masivas y populares que han causado la muerte de 20 manifestantes - algunos de ellos menores -  hasta el momento, por las fuerzas policiales. Cientos de los manifestantes están heridos y miles de ellos han sido detenidos. En esa orgía de autoritarismo, las fuerzas policiales están dirigidas también contra los comunistas, ya que, entre otros, entraron por la fuerza en el edificio donde estaban tres miembros de las Juventudes Comunistas de Chile, Valentina Miranda, vocera de CoNES (Coordinadora Nacional de Estudiantes Secundarios), Pablo Ferrada, responsable del Partido Comunista de Chile para los estudiantes y Anaís Pulgar, miembro de la organización, y después de lanzar gas pimienta a ellos, los detuvieron.

Condenamos la posición hipócrita de la Unión Europea, que a través de su intervención, llamó a los manifestantes y al gobierno de Chile a "iniciar un dialogo", equiparando la victima con el agresor. Cabe destacar que Chile, según la UE, constituye un modelo para seguir, en la región de América Latina, por su alta tasa de desarrollo capitalista, porque "promueve los derechos humanos, el estado de derecho y la buena gobernanza", además de haber firmado un Acuerdo de Asociación con la UE.

¡Expresamos nuestra solidaridad a las Juventudes Comunistas de Chile y a los militantes perseguidos, a las luchas justas de la juventud y del pueblo por una vida con derechos contemporáneos!

Para los jóvenes de las familias obreras y populares, solo un camino dirige a un futuro justo: El camino de la organización y de la lucha, de la ruptura con la política de los monopolios. El camino del derrocamiento del sistema capitalista, que crea ganancias por un puñado de capitalistas y por otro lado crea pobreza, miseria, paro, e ignorancia cara para el pueblo y su hijos. ¡El camino de la lucha por el socialismo-comunismo!

Comité de Relaciones Internacionales del CC de la KNE

Large student demonstrations all over Greece!

Thousands of students demonstrated massively and with militancy in many cities of Greece on November 4th, under the central slogan “A school that educates us and does not exhaust us”! They demanded a contemporary school that corresponds in today’s needs and that, according to students themselves,  is not a school-examination center, for which the parents will have to pay extracurricular courses and the students will get nervous about getting a place in University.


Panhellenic University Students’ Rally - Claiming studies with rights without yielding

100 student unions from around the country and thousands of students, who during the recent time period gave a battle in the general assemblies of their student unions against those forces that in fact defend the government policy, made one more mass and dynamic mobilisation on Thursday, the 31st of October. They denounced that way the policy of the government of New Democracy that follows the steps of SYRIZA regarding the anti-educational policy.


Participation of KNE in an event held by the Front of the Communist Youth (FGC) on the struggle against anti-communism

KNE participated in an event of FGC held on Friday, the 25th of October at the Department of History of the Faculty of Philosophy, at the University of Sapienza in Rome, on the theme: "The resolution of the European Union against History".


Mass Demonstration at the US Embassy against the agreement on the expansion of NATO bases

With a mobilization at Syntagma square and a march towards the US Embassy, thousands of workers and young people of Athens expressed their opposition to the renewal of the Greek-USA agreement on the military bases.


This agreement includes expanding and strengthening the NATO bases in our country, a fact that upgrades our country to a base of the imperialist interventions in the wider region, thus putting our people at great risk. This is an agreement that the SYRIZA government initiated and now the ND continues and develops in the framework of the “Strategic Dialogue” with the USA.


45th KNE Festival-"Odigitis"

With the speech of Dimitris Koutsoumbas, GS of the CC of KKE, the events of the 45th KNE Festival and the "Odigitis" magazine culminated on Saturday 21/9. Below you can see a reportaz about the International City in Festival and some photographs of its massive events.







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