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19th Congress of KKE

Народ требует посадить нацистов в тюрьму!

7 октября 2020 года, спустя 5,5 лет, завершился судебный процесс над фашистской преступной организацией «Золотая заря», за затягивание  которого ответственны правительства СИРИЗА и НД.

Огромный доказательственный материал, который был рассмотрен в ходе слушаний, не оставил никаких сомнений в том, что преступная неонацистская организация «Золотая заря» несет ответственность за убийство музыканта-антифашиста Павлоса Фиссаса, преступное нападение на египетских рыбаков, на членов ПАМЕ и за десятки других нападений.


El pueblo exige que los nazis se lleven a la cárcel!

El 7 de octubre de 2020, después de cinco años y medio, se concluyó el juicio de la organización fascista criminal “Amanecer Dorado”, retrasado por responsabilidad de los gobiernos de SYRIZA y de la ND.

La enorme cantidad de pruebas que surgió durante el procedimiento de las audiencias no dejó lugar a dudas de que la organización criminal neonazi “Amanecer Dorado” es responsable del asesinato del músico antifascista Pavlos Fyssas, el ataque asesino contra los pescadores egipcios, el ataque contra los comunistas y sindicalistas del PAME y decenas de otros ataques.


The people demand the Nazis to be imprisoned!

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On October 7, 2020, after five and half years, the trial of the fascist, criminal organization "Golden Dawn" was completed, which was delayed under the responsibility of SYRIZA and ND governments.

The huge amount of evidence that emerged during the hearing, left no doubt that the criminal neo-Nazi organization "Golden Dawn" is responsible for the murder of the anti-fascist musician Pavlos Fyssas, the murderous attack on the Egyptian fishermen, the attack against communists and trade unionists of PAME, and dozens of other attacks.


Aftermovie of the 46th Festival of KNE-Odigitis

In the following video you will find the Aftermovie of the 46th Festival of KNE-Odigitis, including scenes from all three days of the central events in Athens, on 17-18-19 September, with English subtitles.


Militant struggle along the KKE, confidence to people’s strength, socialism for life to be victorious!

Crowds of people participated in the main events of the 46th Festival of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), held in Athens on September 17, 18 and 19, 2020, in strict compliance with all necessary measures for safety and health protection.

It was a great Festival, different but also familiar at the same time, which made a loud call for the daily struggle for the rights to education, work, health, and life. It was a breath of hope and optimism!

This year, many Communist and anti-imperialist youth organizations, which could not attend the festival due to the pandemic, sent their video messages.


Monument of the KKE in the former concentration camp of Makronisos

A very emotional event took place on September 6th, 2020 for the unveiling of the monument of the CC of the Communist Party of Greece on the barren island of Makronisos, which served as a concentration and extermination camp for dozens of communists and other militants by the bourgeois state during 1947-1955.

The monument of the CC of the KKE named “Shadows”, crafted by Markos Georgilakis, a sculptor and associate professor of the School of Fine Arts, stands proudly in a land strewn with the imprints of the imprisoned militants of Makronisos. Five human figures, a woman and four men, emerge from the soils of Makronisos, stand proudly on them, spread their shadow and presence in the field, and compose the monument - tribute to the thousands of militants who martyred in this place.


Comunicación del Consejo Central de la KNE sobre la adaptación de los eventos para el 46o Festival de la KNE - "Odigitis"

"El Consejo Central de la KNE anuncia la adaptación de los eventos para el 46o Festival de la KNE -"Odigitis" a causa de la pandemia de COVID-19.

¡Este año, el Festival de la KNE y de "Odigits" va a ser... distinto!


El KKE y la KNE, sintiéndonos responsables, tomamos desde el principio de la pandemia en nuestro país todas las medidas adecuadas, adaptando nuestra función y acción para proteger la salud de los miembros y los amigos del Partido y de la KNE bajo estas condiciones peculiares. Continuamos así con el Festival.


Announcement of the Central Council of KNE on the adaptation of the events of the 46th Festival of KNE-Odigitis


“The Central Council of KNE announces the adaptation of the events of the 46th Festival of KNE-Odigitis, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

This year, the Festival of KNE-Odigitis will be…different!

Demonstrating a sense of responsibility, the KKE and KNE took, from the very first moment of the pandemic outbreak in our country, all the necessary measures, by adapting our operation and action to protect the health of the members and friends of the Party and KNE in these special conditions. That is what we are going to do also with the Festival.


29th Anti-Imperialist Weekend of KNE

We remain strong – we go on the counterattack with the KKE for Socialism

A loud, dynamic message  that the youth is not silenced, that under unprecedented conditions,  it can take a stand and fight for its contemporary rights was sent by the 29th Anti-Imperialist Weekend of the KNE that took place 18-19 July in the Stomio area of Larissa.

Throughout the camping weekend and the events that were held, the exemplary organization of the Anti-imperialist Weekend was demonstrated. The KNE organizations had taken all the necessary health measures based on scientists’ recommendations, ahead of time, in order to hold the two-day event safely under the unprecedented conditions of the pandemic. For this reason, a specially-equipped and staffed  medical center was set up at the campsite, where campers had their temperatures taken continuously and measures were taken to maintain the necessary distancing during all of the weekend, etc.


The working people dynamically and massively condemned the legislative monstrosity to ban protests

Thousands of working people, youth, self-employed and pensioners protested yesterday (9/7) outside of the Parliament following the call from dozens of unions, Labor Centers, and Federations that rally with PAME, along with mass organizations, all powerfully shouting “this law will not be implemented, no compromise with repression!”


The thousands of protesters in Athens and dozens of other cities across the country made clear that they cannot impede the struggles of workers and the people; the struggle of the people will tear this paper into bits and this bill, like all the previous ones, with which the governments have attempted to silence the voice of the people and their struggle.  The mass demonstrations are a continuation and a practical expression of the universal condemnation of this reactionary bill, which was expressed throughout the previous days, from the very moment it was submitted, by hundreds of trade union organizations and mass organizations, by judicial, legal and other scientists, artists, the workers and the people.


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