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19th Congress of KKE

Excerpts from the article in “Odigitis” (organ of CC of KNE) about the students in vocational schools and the elections in May

The students in Vocational schools strengthen their voice, strengthen the Communist Party everywhere!


The students in the Vocational schools, the workers’ , the people’s children, all of us who are going  to produce the wealth in the workplaces, who will make everything with our own mind and hands… the only thing that is for our own sake, is to strengthen KKE with our struggles and our votes!


Demonstrations of PAME against the anti-people measures

On Sunday 30th March the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) organized demonstrations in Athens, Thessalonica and other cities against the anti-people draft law of the government which was discussed and passed on the same day under an urgent procedure at the plenary session of the Parliament.

The representative of the parliamentary group of the KKE, Nikos Karathanassopoulos, stressed that the savage anti-people measures which are included in the draft law "represent capitalism in its essence, without any decorations, capitalism that seeks to concentrate the wealth in the hands of a small group of capitalists and leads those who produce the wealth to poverty and destitution”.


Hands off the communists of Ukraine!

The KKE and KNE on 7th of March 2014 carried out a mass demonstration with placards outside the Ukrainian embassy in Athens, against the plans to ban the CP and the communist ideology in Ukraine.

A delegation of the KKE headed by Kostas Papadakis, member of the Secretariat and International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE, and Giorgos Toussas, member of the CC and MEP of the KKE, presented the following protest statement of the KKE to the representatives of the embassy:

“To the embassy of Ukraine in Athens

We follow with great indignation the developments that are taking place in Ukraine, where we see reactionary political forces, ideological descendants of Nazi, emerging to the political “surface” and ascending to the government with the assistance of the EU and the USA.

These forces have already proceeded to:

-          Destroy and vandalize the monuments of Lenin and other soviet and antifascist monuments;

-          Destroy the offices of the Communist Party of Ukraine in various regions of the country;

-          To publicly attack communists;

-          To adopt laws that are aimed against the Russian-speaking population and other minorities in the Ukraine;

-          To abolish the law that prohibits fascist propaganda;

-          To engineer the banning of the Communist Party of Ukraine and the communist ideology in the Ukraine tabling respective draft laws in parliament;

The Communist Party of Greece condemns the above-mentioned actions that are aimed against the political democratic rights and demands the immediate cessation of any attempt to ban the Communist Party and the communist ideology in Ukraine.

Hands off the communists of Ukraine!

Anticommunism will not succeed!”

Police attacks workers and unemployed in the centre of Athens

Workers and unemployed people who were demonstrating in the centre of Athens against unemployment (6/3/2014) faced the provocative attack of the police forces.

The protesters gathered in the centre of Athens and marched to the Ministry of Labour. They found the doors closed, even though a meeting had been scheduled, as the entire political leadership of the ministry was absent. The unions demanded that the minister must come in order to carry out the meeting. As this did not happen they announced that they would go to the Ministry of Finance to meet a representative of the government.


The peoples of Europe can break the chains of the EU and the monopolies

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE, spoke at a political event of the KKE in Brussels, in a meeting room of the EU Parliament, on Friday 21/2. The subject of the meeting was: “95 years of the KKE- the communists in the frontline of the class struggle for socialism-we denounce anti-communism.”

Representatives from the Workers’ Party of Belgium, AKEL and the Portuguese CP participated in the event.

The full speech is below:




10th MECYO: The capitalist crisis, the struggles of the youth and the role of the Communist Youth Organizations

On the 16th of February the 10th Meeting if European Communist Youth Organizations was successfully concluded in Madrid, hosted by the Collectives of Young Communists, with the participation of 17 organizations of Europe. We publish the speeches of KNE in the meeting as well as in the international seminar under the title: Youth revolutionary press, an invaluable tool in our struggle.





10th meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations in Madrid

In 15 and 16 of February in Madrid, the 10th meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations will take place, with a significant participation of organizations, among them KNE, with the subject: “Capitalistic crisis, the struggle of the youth and the role of the Communist Youth Organizations”. The meeting is hosted by the organization of Collectives of Young Communists of Spain (CJC), the youth of the Communist Party of Peoples of Spain.

The representative CYO of Europe will discuss the character of the crisis, the antipopular policy that is united applied within the EU and its consequences for the youth. They will present the experience of the struggle of the previous period, their aspect about the role and the duties of the CYO.


Organization and struggle of the students in every faculty and year-group

The 5th Nationwide Meeting of the Students’ Front of Struggle (MAS) was successfully held in Piraeus on Sunday 1/12. 500 representatives from 28 student unions, 240 struggle committees, dozens of year committees and elected members of student union committeesfrom all over Greece participated in it.

Students conveyed the rich activity of the previous period and the rich experience from the struggles carried out and set the tasks for the next period so that the militant response should correspond to the offensive unleashed by the government-EU-plutocracy against the studies and also against the future of the students.

Giorgos Skiadiotis, member of the Executive Secretariat of the All-workers’ Militant Front (PAME), addressed a message of greetings to the meeting, underlining the need for there to be more decisive steps in the next period regarding the struggle over immediate issues. Giorgos Skiadiotis stressed that the student movement can not develop without the parents, workers and labour and trade union movement.

1.000 issues Odigitis. The combative voice the youth

1.000 issues Odigitis. The combative voice the youth

Dear Comrades,

In this January the newspaper of the Communist Youth of Greece "Odigitis" reaches its 1000th issue. Due to that the Communist Party of Greece and KNE have dedicated this month of January 2013 to "Odigitis" organizing a series of activities that have to do with: the history of "Odigitis", the role of revolutionary press and, the role of mass media and electronic media in the capitalist society.

Following, we publish the announcement for the 1000th issue of Odigits:

Odigitis: the combative voice of the youth!

This year, KNE's monthly newspaper "Odigitis" reaches 1000 published issues.

"Odigitis", the organ of the Central Council of KNE, is a newspaper that exists, circulates and is distributed in order for the subversive policy of KKE to reach more and more young people.

"Odigitis" is the newspaper of KNE, with which KNE gets in touch with you. Through out all these years the pages of "Odigitis" never left out a single small or big struggle of the youth. "Odigitis" not only displayed these struggles but also took a stand, it supported them and contributed so that these struggles would acquire an orientation of rupture.  It revealed and clashed with the bourgeois ideology and with the compromising with the system of exploitation.


Forwards, unwaveringly, with militant revolutionary realism

94 years have passed since the beginning of the 1st founding Congress of the Socialist Worker’s Party of Greece (SEKE), which at its 3rd Extraordinary Congress in 1924 was renamed the Communist Party of Greece.......

KNE 2011