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19th Congress of KKE

On the Major Success of the 38th Festival KNE-Odigitis

The 38th Festival of KNE (Communist Youth of Greece) and Odigitis (the journal of KNE) has been successfully completed . The events were held all over Greece in the previous months and came to a climax at the central three-day event 13-15 September in the Tritsis Park in the mainly working class and popular western neighbourhoods ofAthens. The chief element this year was the mass participation of the youth, school students, university students, unemployed and workers. There was a higher participation of workers and unemployed of every age group.

The 38th Festival of KNE-Odigitis with the slogan “"Help him who has risen to revolt… you must prepare to take command now” was a decisive answer to the mechanisms of the system, which through slanders and other underhand methods have tried to place a wall between the KKE and KNE and the youth. It demonstrates that despite and in opposition to the climate of disappointment and blind indignation there are preconditions for the people’s emancipation to be expressed more dynamically and decisively, the organization and counterattack of the workers and youth against capital, the EU, and the parties which serve them, for the radical overthrow.


The workers in the “Greek Steelworks” plant destroyed the plans of the employer and continue fighting using other forms of struggle

Aspropyrgos, Steelworks plant, Monday 30/7, 9:05 a.m.


The Greek steelworkers enter the main gate of the plant to work following a 9-month strike (272 days). They conduct a rally, lift their fists and hold carnationsin their hands. They implement the decision of their 20th General Assembly, which took place on Saturday. The assembly stated that they will resume work and continue their struggle using other forms. Thus, they once again destroyed the plans of the industrialist Manesis, who made it clear that he wished the degradation of the strike and the dismantling of the trade union. In this he was fully supported by the government, which put in the industrialist’s service the state repression machine.


Solidarity with the strike of the steelworkers: mass demonstrations of PAME across the country

The brutal operation of the government which attempted to repress the struggle of the steelworkers met the response of the class oriented labour movement though the mass demonstrations of solidarity with the strike of the workers in Greek Steelworks which were organized by PAME. On Friday 20th July the government of ND-PASOK-DIMAR attempted to break the heroic 9-month strike of the steelworkers by means of a criminal attack of repression forces which was accompanied by the use of chemicals, beatings and arrests.

The response of the steelworkers was decisive: at the mass General Assembly of their union on Saturday 21st June they decided to continue the strike with 164 votes in favour and 5 against.


Statement of the Press Office of the CC of the KKE regarding the formation of the ND-PASOK-Democratic Left government

The new coalition government of ND-PASOK and the Democratic Left is not going to bring any relief to the popular strata which are suffering from the consequences of the capitalist crisis.

What the coalition government is presenting as a renegotiation of the unfavourable terms of the memoranda and the loan agreement is in fact a necessary readjustment imposed by the deepening of the crisis in Greece and the economically strongest countries in the Eurozone.This readjustment will be determined by the sharpening contradictions and the temporary agreements between the leading powers of the EU in relation to the way the crisis will be managed. Whatever their outcome is they will not put a brake on or cancel the bankruptcy and impoverishment of the people.


Statement of the GS of the CC of the KKE on the elections results of 17th June 2012

The results of the June 17 elections were: Communist Party of Greece, 4,5% , New Democracy-ND (Liberal party) 29,6%, SYRIZA (alliance of opportunist forces and forces from PASOK) 26,9%, PASOK (social-democrats) 12,3%, Independent Greeks 7,55 %, Golden Dawn (nationalist, racist party) 6,9% and Democratic Left (split from Syriza and merged with some forces from PASOK) 6,3%, LAOS (older split from ND, nationalist party) 1,6%. Based on these results the KKE will receive 12 seats.



On the results of the student elections 2012

The communists strengthened their position amongst the students. On May 16ththe student union elections were held in order to elect the representatives to their unions. In these elections, which were held just a few days after the early parliamentary elections on the 6th of May and before the new parliamentary elections of the 17th of May, the lists of Panspoudastiki KS, which is supported by the Communist Youth of Greece, were strengthened even further.

The following points are noted in the statement of the Executive Secretariat of the Students’ Front of Struggle (MAS), in which student unions and struggle committees participate :


Statement of the CC of the KKE on the election result of the 6th May 2012

The CC of KKE met in order to make an initial assessment of the election result of 6th May 2012. This assessment will be discussed in the organs and the Party Base Organisations as well as in the organs and the Base Organisations of KNE. Furthermore, the party will discuss the election result with the people who work alongside the party, its supporters and friends. After this round of discussion and expressions of opinion the CC will conclude its assessment.


On the results of the elections of the 6th of May 2012

KKE: In the frontline of the struggles from today against the new anti-worker storm

see the results

The GS of the CC of the KKE noted the following in her first statements after the announcement of the election results of Sunday May 6th:

“The election results definitely show a reversal of the political scene we were familiar with, the interruption of the rotation of the two parties, PASOK and ND. We are moving into a transitional phase where there will be an attempt to create a new political scene with new formations, new figures with a centre-right orientation or based on a new social democracy that will have SYRIZA at its core, aimed at preventing the rising radicalism of the people that would lead things towards a true overthrow in favour of the people. There will be an attempt to form a government either from these elections or from the elections to follow, a government made up of all parties, or a government of national unity, or a coalition government aimed precisely at preventing the creation of a majority current that will struggle for change.


A Vast Crowd of People Attended the Election Rally of the KKE in Athens

Trust the KKE which they cannot subjugate

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, spoke at a large election rally in the centre of Athens on Wednesday, 2nd of May.

Aleka Papariga noted from the podium of the rally:

“Trust the KKE, in the face of the storm which has already been announced.

The working men and women, the poor employees, professionals and farmers, even if they did not participate in strikes and other mobilizations, can and must vote with their class and political instinct as the main criterion.


Statement of the GS of the CC of the KKE, Aleka Papariga, on the French Presidential Elections


The French elections, their results in the first round and what is being prepared for the second round are an important lesson and confirm the reasons why the KKE refuses to participate in the front of the so-called anti-memorandum forces and the so-called left forces. When a communist party, when a labour movement assimilates the protests of the popular masses into a left alliance which accepts the negotiation exclusively within the European Union and the social dialogue with the monopolies, then there can only be one outcome which is what we can now witness in relation to the second round in France: For the people to be led in turn to vote either for the liberal party or for social-democracy and for radicalism to be undermined and blunted and for conservatism to spread.


KNE 2011