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19th Congress of KKE

Thousands of demonstrators denounced the imperialist plans of the USA-NATO-EU and the stance of the "left" government of SYRIZA



Demonstrations and protests were carried out on 15/11/2016 in Athens, Thessalonica and many other Greek cities on the occasion of the visit to Greece by the US President, B. Obama.

Thousands of demonstrators all over the country, with slogans that denounce imperialist war, Greece's involvement in the imperialist plans and the government's authoritarianism, participated in the dynamic demonstrations of the Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE) and the All-workers' Militant Front (PAME), self-employed associations, student unions, women's associations and organizations of the people's movement.

It should be noted that the government of the "left" and "radical" party SYRIZA and the Prime Minister himself, Alexis Tsipras, put on a show of adoration for the USA, presenting B. Obama to the Greek people as being a "saviour", who will contribute to the reduction of the public debt. In this direction, they banned all demonstrations in the centre of Athens for the duration of the visit.



A greeting message of WFDY for the demonstrations in Greece on Obama's visit

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) salutes Greek people and youth who are demonstrating these days in Greece. We unite our voice with the mobilizations which are organized by vectors of the popular movement on the 15th and 17th of November, in order to decisively condemn the visit- provocation of Obama in Greece, on the eve of the heroic Polytechnic Uprising that is honored every year on the 17th of November.

The WFDY, which a few days ago on November 10th, completed 71 years of continuous struggle against imperialism, expresses its solidarity to the youth of Greece, to the students, the young workers who are demonstrating these days in order to:

strenghten your fight against imperialist rivalries, interventions and wars.

denounce one more time the criminal role of the NATO and the EU.

reinforce your struggle against the dangerous policy of the Greek Government (SYRIZA – ANEL) that involves the country into imperialist plans through militarily cooperation and agreements with the USA, the NATO, the EU, and Israel.

- continue to militantly express your internationalist solidarity to the refugees and the immigrants, raising a wall over racism and xenophobia.

You are not alone! The organizations-members of WFDY all over the world follow you and support you. We are with you and we yell loudly:

Neither land nor water to the killers of the peoples!

- No to imperialist wars

-The American-Nato bases and headquarters must close down

- NATO must get out of the Aegean Sea

- The Greek army forces of the missions of the NATO and the EU must return to Greece.

Under the works of the 2nd International Preparatory Meeting of the 19th WFYS,

On Behalf of WFDY, The HQ of WFDY, Namibia, Windhoek, November 15, 2016.

Video of KNE on the visit of Obama in Greece



You can also read the statement of the Press Office of the Central Committee of the KKE on the visit of the US president Barack Obama to Greece

Militant demonstration of student unions in Athens

Thousands of students, responding to the call of dozens of student unions, demonstrated against the government, the EU, the IMF, in Athens, Thessalonica and 15 other cities all over Greece.

The students in Athens, in response to the call of 26 student unions, gathered at the Propylaia, where the Students’ Front of Struggle (MAS), in the framework of the mobilization, hang a giant banner on thefaçade of Rectors building.


Together with the KKE we start the counterattack

The central political and cultural events of the three-days of the 42nd Festival of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) and its newspaper “Odigitis” were held in Athens with the tremendous participation of young people and working people of all ages.

KNE’s festival, having first “travelled” to dozens of Greek towns with similar mass events, was completed in Athens, where the representatives of 32 youth organizations from different countries all over the world took part.

On Saturday 24/9 the political rally-climax of the festival was held with as uts main speaker Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE. Sitaram Yechury, GS of the CC of the CP of India (Marxist) and the Secretary of the CC of KNE, Nikos Ambatielos, also addressed the meeting.


The communists in the frontline to inform and mobilize the people

In the evening Thursday 5/5 in dozens of cities and neighbourhoods in Greece, as soon as the anti-people plans of the SYRIZA-ANEL government became known i.e. that it wanted to rush through the new anti-people measures through parliament this weekend, the communists went out onto the streets. With mass demonstrations, they informed the workers about the developments, as well as about the strike response of the labour movement, calling for mass participation in the strikes and strike rallies. The organizations of the KKE and KNE in Athens organized a mass demonstration in the city centre. The banner of the central Athens’ organizations of the KKE and KNE read “take back the law-guillotine”, while the banner of party organizations of the KKE in the universities and technical institutes said “The people must rise up. Take back the measures that crush the people.” The slogans that resounded at the demonstration were: “Workers forwards, now as one fist, tear down the memoranda and the bosses.” “They are destroying social security. We take to the streets. Take back the law-guillotine.” And “Forwards people, don’t bow your heads, go on the offensive and struggle alongside the KKE.”



PAME: Militant protest outside the Prime Minister’s Official Residence

A mass and militant surprise protest was organized outside the Prime Minister’s residence in the evening of Thursday 5/5 by the forces of PAME. Despite the draconian security measures, workers from dozens of unions rallied in PAME reached the Prime Minister’s Official Residence at 7 PM, unfurled a banner and made it clear to the government and employers that they would impede their plans.

For over two hours, dozens of PAME’s protesters with their slogans sent a message for a general workers’ uprising against the law-guillotine for the social security system and the new barbaric anti-people tax law.


Photo report from the strike mobilizations on Friday 6/5












Greeting message of WFDY to the strike mobilizations in Greece!

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) greets the strike mobilizations throughout Greece!

On May 7th  and 8th  the government of SYRIZA-ANEL in Greece aims, through fast-track procedures, to pass a guillotine-law  that eliminates what  remains  from one of the workers’ biggest conquests during the 20th century:  Social Security and  Healthcare, it crashes  the pensions and increases the  taxation of the people. There are additional charges onto the backs of the Greek people, that are added to the anti-popular measures taken the last years and sealed by the third memorandum signed between the Greek government, the EU, the ECB and the IMF during last summer.


KNE 2011