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19th Congress of KKE

The lists of “Panspoudastiki” in the second position of the university students’ elections.

A big increase of votes for the lists supported by the Communist Youth was noted at the elections held on Wednesday 7th May in universities and Technological Educational Institutions all over the country, bringing it to the second position.

This positive result can further reinforce the effort made during the past period by the members and friends of the Communist Youth, who, along with other fighters, students from labor and popular strata, are organizing the struggle through the Students’ Fighting Front (MAS), the anti-monopoly pole formed in higher education.


Las listas de Panspoudastiki ocupan la segunda posición en las universidades griegas

Las listas que apoya la Juventud Comunista de Grecia registraron gran ascenso en votos y en porcentages en las elecciones que tuvieron lugar el 7 de mayo en universidades e institutos tecnológicos en todo el país, ocupando la segunda posición.

El resultado positivo puede dar impulso a los esfuerzos que los miembros del KKE y de la KNE hicieron el período anterior, que, junto con estudiantes combativos de origen obrero y popular , organizan la lucha a través del Frente de Lucha de los Estudiantes (MAS), el polo monopólico en la Educación Superior.


Mass strike demonstrations of PAME

On Wednesday 9th April thousands of protesters joined the strike demonstrations of PAME that took place in more than 60 cities across the country in the framework of the 24hour general strike.

The Executive Secretariat of PAME saluted the thousands of working people who went on strike, the unemployed, the young people, the women who overcame the difficulties and the threats of the employers, the open undermining of the strike by the employer and the government led trade unionism and joined the battle of the nationwide strike at the gates of the factories, on the ramps of the ships, in all offices and workplaces. It saluted the thousands of protesters who participated in the strike demonstrations of PAME in all cities with the slogans and the demands of the class oriented movement strengthening the struggle for the regroupment of the labour movement. It saluted the poor farmers, the self-employed who participated in the strike demonstrations of PAME. “The message of the general strike today is clear. We continue more resolutely to struggle and resist the ongoing measures that lead the workers’ and people’s families to poverty and destitution” stressed the ES of PAME.


KNE Student’s Festival

Over 80 different Student’s Festival Manifestations are going to open their gates during the first fortnight of April all over Greece, and the preparations by the students, members and friends of the Communist Youth, are being made in a fast pace!! The students have built the festival’s programme, based on the central slogan “EU vs Youth - Break the chains!!!!!” – with collective work, will and imagination, chοsing unconventional ways and multiform activities in order to highlight the reality they live themselves as well as their families - the consequences of EU’s policy in their lives, to show that the overthrow of this system is the way out, today more up-to-date than ever.   

Lively and with plenty of imagination, continuing last year’s efforts, the preparation has began…

For one more year the Communist Youth’s Students Festivals give the students the chance to express themselves creatively, to exchange ideas, to unite their voices with those of their classmates, who face the same problems and have the same dreams about the future. Just like last year the member and friends of KNE began to prepare and propagate the festival manifestations in and outside their schools from the first moment. Not only the enthusiasm but also the need of the student to express their concerns and develop their creativity, their need for entertainment was obvious.

In every school, every neighborhood there was a conversation about this, and there was a real brainstorming of ideas… School bands, little theatrical plays, sports activities, conversations on various issues, videos and interviews of students, short movies, projects graffiti and drawing competitions, photography exhibitions and lots more… students are organized in working teams, and every team has to go through a certain project. Not only during March, but the first days of April as well, until the last moment, the students’ teams were working hard to finish their project. So great was their enthusiasm that they didn’t mind the time they had to spend or the fatigue, they didn’t stop in front of the difficulties and obstacles.

Excerpts from the article in “Odigitis” (organ of CC of KNE) about the students in vocational schools and the elections in May

The students in Vocational schools strengthen their voice, strengthen the Communist Party everywhere!


The students in the Vocational schools, the workers’ , the people’s children, all of us who are going  to produce the wealth in the workplaces, who will make everything with our own mind and hands… the only thing that is for our own sake, is to strengthen KKE with our struggles and our votes!


Demonstrations of PAME against the anti-people measures

On Sunday 30th March the All Workers’ Militant Front (PAME) organized demonstrations in Athens, Thessalonica and other cities against the anti-people draft law of the government which was discussed and passed on the same day under an urgent procedure at the plenary session of the Parliament.

The representative of the parliamentary group of the KKE, Nikos Karathanassopoulos, stressed that the savage anti-people measures which are included in the draft law "represent capitalism in its essence, without any decorations, capitalism that seeks to concentrate the wealth in the hands of a small group of capitalists and leads those who produce the wealth to poverty and destitution”.


Hands off the communists of Ukraine!

The KKE and KNE on 7th of March 2014 carried out a mass demonstration with placards outside the Ukrainian embassy in Athens, against the plans to ban the CP and the communist ideology in Ukraine.

A delegation of the KKE headed by Kostas Papadakis, member of the Secretariat and International Relations Section of the CC of the KKE, and Giorgos Toussas, member of the CC and MEP of the KKE, presented the following protest statement of the KKE to the representatives of the embassy:

“To the embassy of Ukraine in Athens

We follow with great indignation the developments that are taking place in Ukraine, where we see reactionary political forces, ideological descendants of Nazi, emerging to the political “surface” and ascending to the government with the assistance of the EU and the USA.

These forces have already proceeded to:

-          Destroy and vandalize the monuments of Lenin and other soviet and antifascist monuments;

-          Destroy the offices of the Communist Party of Ukraine in various regions of the country;

-          To publicly attack communists;

-          To adopt laws that are aimed against the Russian-speaking population and other minorities in the Ukraine;

-          To abolish the law that prohibits fascist propaganda;

-          To engineer the banning of the Communist Party of Ukraine and the communist ideology in the Ukraine tabling respective draft laws in parliament;

The Communist Party of Greece condemns the above-mentioned actions that are aimed against the political democratic rights and demands the immediate cessation of any attempt to ban the Communist Party and the communist ideology in Ukraine.

Hands off the communists of Ukraine!

Anticommunism will not succeed!”

Police attacks workers and unemployed in the centre of Athens

Workers and unemployed people who were demonstrating in the centre of Athens against unemployment (6/3/2014) faced the provocative attack of the police forces.

The protesters gathered in the centre of Athens and marched to the Ministry of Labour. They found the doors closed, even though a meeting had been scheduled, as the entire political leadership of the ministry was absent. The unions demanded that the minister must come in order to carry out the meeting. As this did not happen they announced that they would go to the Ministry of Finance to meet a representative of the government.


The peoples of Europe can break the chains of the EU and the monopolies

Dimitris Koutsoumpas, GS of the CC of the KKE, spoke at a political event of the KKE in Brussels, in a meeting room of the EU Parliament, on Friday 21/2. The subject of the meeting was: “95 years of the KKE- the communists in the frontline of the class struggle for socialism-we denounce anti-communism.”

Representatives from the Workers’ Party of Belgium, AKEL and the Portuguese CP participated in the event.

The full speech is below:




10th MECYO: The capitalist crisis, the struggles of the youth and the role of the Communist Youth Organizations

On the 16th of February the 10th Meeting if European Communist Youth Organizations was successfully concluded in Madrid, hosted by the Collectives of Young Communists, with the participation of 17 organizations of Europe. We publish the speeches of KNE in the meeting as well as in the international seminar under the title: Youth revolutionary press, an invaluable tool in our struggle.





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