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19th Congress of KKE

1st Day of the 48hr Strike: Strike struggle with the occupation of the Ministry of Labour


Down with the government and the plutocracy, disengagement from the EU with people’s power

With a militant strike rally in Athens as well as in dozens of cities, the working men and women, the poor popular strata responded to PAME’s call by participating in the first day of the 48hr general strike, (10-11/2/2012).

PAME’s forces in a decisive move occupied the Ministry of Labour and hung a huge banner on which the following was written: “No to the new massacre of the people- Down with the Government- The Troika must go- Disengagement from the EU.” This occupation highlighted that the government-Troika-plutocracy have a plan to eradicate every labour right, pushing forward savage anti-worker measures in this period, with the pretext of the new loan which the Greek government wants to receive. Amongst other things the new measures provide for

  • New reductions in the minimum wage of 22% for all the workers and 32% for those who will now be hired in the private sector, and this in conditions when the losses of the workers since 2009 surpass the 45% mark. Abolition of sectorial collective bargaining agreements.
  • New dramatic reductions in the basic and supplementary pensions.
  • Mass dismissals of thousands of employees in the public sector and the former state industries, overturning of labour relations, new reductions in salaries in the public sector.
  • New drastic cuts in social services, in the Health sector and medicines, which are even placing human lives in danger.
  • New tax raid against the broad popular strata in order to support the tax exemptions of big capital.


Loud strike message for the escalation of the working class struggle against the new round of barbaric measures


A mass militant strike took place in Greece on Tuesday 7/2. It was an immediate dynamic response the morning after the official announcements of the government concerning 20% cuts to the basic wages and corresponding 15% cuts to the supplementary pensions, new reductions of the basic pensions, unemployment benefits, and 150,000 dismissals in the public sector.

In Athens there was a demonstration of thousands of workers despite the rain and in 61 cities all over the country there were large strike rallies. Once again the demonstration of PAME was many times larger than that of GSEE and ADEDY.


Mass and militant youth demonstration of KNE in Athens, against the legalization of drugs


Hundreds of members of KNE and friends of the organization took part in the demonstration, 2/2, in the centre of Athens against the draft law of the three-party government (social-democrats-conservatives-nationalists) which legalizes the use, trafficking and supply of drugs.

Speaking at the rally, Giorgos Sideris, member of the Bureau of the CC of KNE, spoke about the issue of drugs in its entirety, revealing the lies and rottenness of the ideological constructs which accompany the “Drug Code”. As he stressed:

“Under the pressure of the communists and the condemnation of the people, the Minister of Justice in his statement today has left open the possibility of the draft law being withdrawn. We are not complacent, we will not stop, we are in a state of vigilance, we will continue more dynamically (…)



Happy and Militant New Year!

May 2012 bring new successes for the peoples’ and youth struggles against capitalism - imperialism,

for the abolition of the exploitation of man by man,

for Socialism-Communism!



Denouncement of KNE against the persecution of the 3 young communists in Spain (english and spanish)


Comunique of the Communist Youth of Greece KNE

Yesterday, on the 30th of November a delegation of KNE comprised by comrades Yiannis Gkiokas, member of the Bureau of the CC and responsible for International Relations, member of parliament of KKE, and Lefteris Nikolaou, member of the Committee for International Relations of the CC of KNE made a statement of protest in the Spanish Embassy in Athens.



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