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19th Congress of KKE

Joint Announcement of the Communist Youth Organisations: Solidarity with the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia and the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia!

The Communist Youth Organisations signing this text express our solidarity with and support to our comrades in the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia (NKPJ) and its Youth Organisation, the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia (SKOJ), on the occasion of the exclusion of their electoral list from the parliamentary election, which will be held in Serbia on Sunday, June 21.


The NKPJ and SKOJ by surpassing a number of obstacles set by the electoral regulation for their participation in the election managed to collect the necessary signatures within the required deadline, and submit them to Serbia’s state Election Commission. However, the Election Commission decided to refuse their registration on various pretexts just a few days before the election.


Solidaridad con el Nuevo Partido Comunista de Yugoslavia y con la Liga de Juventud Comunista de Yugoslavia

Organizaciones Juveniles Comunistas que apoyan la declaración común

1. Juventud Comunista "Qemal Stafa" de Albania
2. Juventud Socialista Obrera Alemana
3. Juventud Comunista de Austria
4. Jóvenes Comunistas de Bélgica
5. Juventud Comunista de Bolivia
6. Unión de Juventud Comunista, Brasil
7. Liga Juvenil Comunista de Bretaña
8. Organización Unida de la Juventud Democrática, Chipre
9. Jóvenes Socialistas del Partido Socialista Obrero de Croacia
10. Jóvenes Comunistas de Dinamarca


Solidarity with the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia and the League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia!

Members of the KKE and KNE protested in front of the Embassy of Serbia in Athens, on Friday, 19 June, thus denouncing the exclusion of the New Communist Party of Yugoslavia from participating in the parliamentary elections in Serbia. The delegation of the KKE, headed by the MEP of the Party, Lefteris Nikolaou – Alavanos, met with an Embassy representative and expressed the strong protest of the KKE for the restriction of the communists’ political action in Serbia. They also delivered a related message (read the message there). During this militant protest outside the Embassy of Serbia, the KKE and KNE members were shouting slogans against anti-communism.


Protest outside US Embassy against barbarism and repression in USA

“Capitalism means, -I can't breathe-”. Members of the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) formed this slogan outside the US Embassy in Athens, as part of a protest rally held by the KNE on June 1 against the barbarity and repression of the US government. A similar mobilization took place in Thessaloniki at the American consulate.


Announcement of the Press Office of the CC of KNE - We denounce the latest racist crime, committed by a policeman in the “much-advertised democracy of the USA”


The Communist Youth of KNE denounces the murder of the 46-year-old Afro-American unemployed man, George Floyd, committed by a white policeman in Minneapolis, USA. This is one more murder  that comes to be added to the list of the countless victims of police and racist violence in the US.


Declaración de la Oficina de Prensa del CC de la KNE - Denunciamos el último crimen racista cometido por un policía en la “democracia muy promocionada de los EE.UU”

La Juventud Comunista de Grecia (KNE) denuncia el asesinato del afroamericano desempleado de 46 años, George Floyd, cometido por un policía blanco, en Minneapolis de los EE.UU. Fue un asesinato más que se añade a la lista de las innumerables víctimas de violencia policial y racista en los EE.UU.


“Life without exploitation in the era of the “Digital Economy”” - “The “Chernobyls” of capitalism, behind the myth of “Green Development”. Material of the 45th Festival of KNE - Odigitis


Many people think about the future of humanity and they ask themselves whether the workers, the poor popular strata can live in a better way. Is there any possibility that the dreams of million people around the world become true? The reality itself, answers this question, if we look carefully at it. Even if the 4th Industrial Revolution is already here, at the same time, the unemployment is devastating, as well as underemployment, poverty, environmental destruction. The workers are called to choose which need to cover, while it is possible to cover all of them, in a multi-faceted way.


Motorcycle protest of KNE against the government bill that destroys the environment in favour of the big monopolies

The Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) held a motorcycle protest in the centre of Athens on Tuesday 5 May, against the despicable bill of the Ministry of Environment, which includes a number of destructive provisions for the natural resources of Greece.


When the protest reached the Parliament building, they put up a banner with the slogan “They destroy the Earth and our lives - Their system needs to be overthrown”. With slogans on the picket signs they were holding and the flyers they were throwing all over the centre of Athens, KNE members denounced this bill by declaring that the “green business” it promotes are sacrificing the environment and the people’s contemporary needs to the business interests and that the liberal ND government is walking the path of the social-democratic SYRIZA by degrading the lives of the people and the youth. They called upon every worker, student and school student of the country to fight for environmental protection because, according to one of the slogans, “the struggle for environmental protection is a struggle against capitalist barbarity, a struggle for socialism”.


Statement of Giorgos Marinos on the Environmental Law

Giorgos Marinos, member of the PB of the CC of the KKE and Member of Parliament, stress out in his statement on the Environmental Law:

“The government of ND, by exploiting the “opportunity” presented by the pandemic, continues voting any anti-people anti-labour measure that had remained out of the memoranda laws, while using fast-track procedures. The monstrosity Environmental Law was voted yesterday night by the Parliament’s Plenary Session. This Law is based on the EU directives and gives away mountains, lakes, Natura Protection areas of unique natural beauty, to the business groups so that they could find a way out for their stagnant capitals, on the occasion of the new capitalist crisis as well.


Workers’ May Day 2020 in Greece

Workers’ May Day was honored in Greece with hundreds of mass multi-faceted events, under pandemic conditions while maintaining protection measures (proper distancing, masks, etc. ) and in spite of the ND government decision to move May Day to mid-May.

The class unions organized strike events in all of the major cities of Greece and in the center of Athens as well as in many of its districts. On the eve of May Day, trade union leaders and KKE officials visited workplaces and spoke to the workers.


KNE 2011