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19th Congress of KKE

Statements and Interventions of the KKE on the CoVID-19 epidemic

The Communist Youth of Greece, KNE, and the Communist Party of Greece, KKE, facing the situation with the CoVID-19 epidemic, along with the tragic shortcomings of the health system, have issued statements and made concrete interventions. In those links you will find:




    • The initial intervention of the GS of the CC of the KKE, comrade Dimitris Koutsoumbas, in English, Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French and German


Rising waves of refugees cannot be faced with repression but with disobedience to the Euro-Atlantic plans

The Press Office of the CC of KKE, by its successive statements during the past days, highlights among other things:

"Rising waves of refugees cannot be faced with repression but with disobedience to the Euro-Atlantic plans

Turkey's invasion in northern Syria with the support of NATO, the US and the EU, as well as the escalation of military confrontation with Syria and Russia, not only increase the risk of a more general war in the region, but also the waves of uprooted refugees.



Large and massive student mobilizations in Athens against the escalation of the anti - educational policy

A strong message against the anti-educational policy of all governments over time is given by the students in Greece through massive mobilizations. They fight against a school that will actually be an examination center and against a degree, which is disconnected from the right to work.


Greek Workers hold 24-hour National Strike. The struggle for contemporary social security rights

With huge rallies in Athens, Thessaloniki, and a total of 61 Greek cities, following the call of the Sector Federations and trade unions, workers moved forward against the new law of the ND government, which effectively touches up SYRIZA's previous law by further deepening the privatization of Social Security.

The massive strike was in opposition to employer-led and government-led trade unionism, expressed by the leadership of the General Confederation of Trade Unions (GSEE), which actively supports the strategy of big capital, embracing the criteria of competitiveness and the super profits of capital, in accordance with the so-called “resiliency” of the economy.


Through a mass mobilization people demanded a renouncement of the shameful USA-Greece agreement on the military bases

The Struggle Committee against the Agreement on the Military Bases organized a great rally against the renewal, expansion and strengthening of the USA-Greece agreement on the military bases on Thursday the 30th of January. This very agreement turns Greece into a huge base for imperialist operations and interventions against the people.

From the rally at Syntagma square to the march that reached the USA embassy, the workers and youth condemned the agreement, demanded disengagement from NATO and the EU and disentanglement from the imperialist plannings and wars. “Close the military bases and headquarters down, we won’t fight for NATO’s slaughterhouses’’ was the slogan they repeatedly shouted, and when the march reached the embassy, they burnt the American flag.


KNE - Event about the Greek-Turkish relations and the geopolitical competitions

The Sectoral Organization of Universities and Research of the Party Organization of Attica of the KKE and the Regional Students Organization of Athens of KNE, in the afternoon of Tuesday the 28th of January, held an event on “The dangerous developments in the Greek-Turkish relations, in the throes of the geopolitical antagonisms and the anti-popular interests” at Panteion University

In the event, which aroused the interest of many students and university employees, the speech was made by Eliseos Vagenas, member of the Central Committee of the KKE and responsible for the International Relations Department. After the speech, there was a discussion based on the developments, with questions about the antagonisms and the stance of the government and the other bourgeois parties, as well as about the positions of the KKE.


Initiatives of the KKE and KNE throughout Greece to strengthen the educational and ideological current.

Book exhibitions of the publications of “Synchroni Epochi”, the publishing house and bookstore of KKE, are in progress in many cities around Greece. This action is part of the continuous effort of the KKE and KNE to strengthen the educational and ideological current among the members and friends of KKE and KNE, as well as the people and youth of the country in general. One of the initiatives was a three-day book exhibition at the Aristotle University of the Polytechnic School of Thessaloniki organized by KNE’s Regional Organization of the Universities of Thessaloniki, in which numerous students attended.


Provocative “whitewashing” and shield of protection for the criminal action of the Nazi Golden Dawn

The proposal made by the public prosecutor in the trial of the Golden Dawn is unacceptable. It contradicts directly the antifascist feelings of the vast majority of the Greek people and it brutally insults the dozens of its victims. In its essence, it is a complete acceptance of the Nazi’s line of defense, since it basically asks for the acquittal of the 65 Nazi defendants (18 MPs and 47 members of the party). It is a copy of part of the plea of the Nazi leader of this criminal, murderous organisation, in the beginning of November. And it is summarized more or less, in what he had stated back then regarding the murder of Fyssas. "It is the story of one man murdering another one". The questions raised are many and big, since what the prosecutor proposes does not even “fit” with typical judicial arguments. What is their purpose, therefore? Who are those who intend to let the Nazi murderers off? Which mechanisms of the system work on this senario?


Massive and militant rally against the landfill polluting the west suburbs of Athens

Hundreds of students marched alongside with workers outside the municipality of Petroupoli on December 18 against the landfill that has been in the city for more than 50 years and has been polluting all west suburbs of Athens destroying the environment and the health of the working class-popular families residing in the area.


Statement of the KKE on the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People

On the occasion of the international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people, the KKE expresses its full support of the continuing just struggle of the Palestinians for more than 70 years. The long and heroic struggle of the people of Palestine, despite the negative correlation of forces, inspires just popular struggles throughout the world.


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