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19th Congress of KKE

School student mobilizations

The school students of Attica are carrying out mobilizations with as their main demand that the decision to abolish repeat exams not to be implemented, struggling at the same time for solutions to the problems that exist in the schools.

"We struggle concerning all the problems that we and our parents are facing. We struggle concerning the shortages in our schools, the obstacles we encounter in order to finish school, the problems our parents face who are paying more in taxes, more for our education."

We stand against the SYRIZA-ANEL government, which is making our school even worse, with the "blessings" of the EU", notes the Coordinating Committee of School Students of Athens in its call.


The youth in Greece discusses widely for the 20th Congress of the KKE

The Organizations of Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) all over Greece are developing every day political activities and presentations for the Theses of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) on the 20th Congress of the Party, at the workplaces and  places of studies of the youth.

Within that Framework, KNE organizes on a daily basis acts and also participates to acts of the Party for the presentation and discussion on the Theses of the CC for the 20th Congress, which are presented by members of the CC of the KKE and cadres of KNE. The acts are followed by rich and vivid discussions which mainly are focused on the complex developmens in a national and global level,  the stance of the KKE,  the tasks of the members and friends of the Party and of KNE in these conditions, their contribution to the  struggle.


13th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations

ICP, 28 February 2017

With a big success and the participation of  15 communist youth organizations from 13 countries the thirteenth Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations (MECYO), which is held annually and bringing together young communists from various parts of Europe, took place in Istanbul on 24-26 February, hosted by the Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG).

In the 13th MECYO, which was successfully realized, it was decided to organize activities in all countries concerning the October Revolution throughout the year of 2017.

The slogan of the meeting held in the context of the October Revolution was: “We are taking lessons a hundred years after the Great October Socialist Revolution, fighting for socialism, our future!” The conference part of the meeting took place on 24th of February at the following headline: “We raise the flag of October a hundred years after the Great October Socialist Revolution! We are strengthening the youth struggle in Europe for the new society, where imperialist wars, crises, refugees, unemployment, poverty and capitalist exploitation do not exist. Socialism is our future!”


Combative rally of school students in the centre of Athens

Yesterday, school students from many schools in Athens and Piraeus demonstrated “for the school that we and the children of the world deserve”

With slogans such as “the education is not a product to be sold, but a right conquered through struggle” and also “the new generation has ideals and cannot be sold out or grovel”, the school students marched with banners showing their demands.

A student-representative from the Coordinating Committee of School Students in Athens greeted the school students and student councils that took the decision to participate in the mobilization. “We unite our voices with the parents and the workers that are under a frontal attack by the government of SYRIZA-ANEL which reduces salaries and pensions by imposing brutal taxes and also placing the Education in the same memorandum context. We cannot tolerate anymore to be freezing cold in the classrooms, to pay a bunch of money and to have a limited leisure time”, he noted, concluding with the Coordinating Committee’s message that “today it’s not the end, it’s the beginning. Today’s rally gives us the opportunity to strengthen our discussion, our reflection and  to give solutions to our actual needs, for the school and life that we deserve”.

Representatives from the Vocational High Schools mentioned the particular problems that they are facing, namely the deficiencies and the mergers of specialties, while student’s councils from other schools presented their initiatives to claim their demands and to show their solidarity with the children of the refugees by saying that “It’s wrong for these children who are facing daily the dark side of life to be deprived from their right to education”.


Manifestación estudiantil militante en el centro de Atenas

«Por la escuela que se nos merece a nosotros y a los jóvenes de todo el mundo» manifestaron estudiantes de varias escuelas de secundaria de Atenas y Pireo.

Con consignas como «la educación no es mercancía a venta, es nuestro derecho y con luchas se conquistar» o «la nueva generación tiene ideales, ni se vende, ni se doblega», los estudiantes marcharon con pancartas que reflejaban sus exigencias.

Saludo a los estudiantes, a los consejos estudiantiles que resolvieron participar, envió estudiante-representante de Comité Coordinador de los Estudiantes de Atenas. «Unimos nuestras voces con nuestros padres y los trabajadores que sufren el ataque frontal del gobierno de SYRIZA-ANEL, que reduce salarios y pensiones estableciendo impuestos agobiantes, poniendo en el mismo contexto del Memorándum también la Educación. No toleramos más tener frío dentro de nuestras propias aulas, pagar un montón de dinero, tener tiempo libre limitado» ha indicado terminando con el mensaje Comité  Coordinador e que «hoy no terminamos, sino comenzamos. La manifestación de hoy es la chispa para fortalecer la discusión, el pensamiento y para que se den soluciones a nuestras necesidades actuales para la escuela y la vida que nos merecemos»


Joint call of KNE and Communist Youth, Turkey

"The youth of Greece and Turkey have common problems, common struggle, common future!"

The Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) and the Communist Youth, Turkey (KG) have declared a joint call addressing the youth of both countries to join their common struggle on a basis of proletarian internationalism.

The Communist Youth, Turkey (KG) had welcomed a delegation from the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) on 13-14-15th December in İstanbul.

One of the outcomes of the correspondences between the two organizations has been a joint call to the youth in both countries for joining their common struggle based on proletarian internationalism against imperialist bloodsheds and capitalist barbarity.


Large and militant demonstration of the KKE and KNE at the US embassy

The 43rd anniversary of the popular uprising of students and workers in Athens, which was bloodily repressed by the military Junta, was honoured on the 17th of November 2016 with a large and militant demonstration. The mass contingents of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) provided a combative atmosphere during the demonstration and marched in a dynamic and organized way, highlighting the relevant character of the Polytechnic uprising, which is to be found in the daily struggles of the workers, youth and people, against the system of capitalist exploitation, NATO, the EU, imperialism.

The GS of the CC of the KKE, Dimitris Koutsoumpas, attended the rally for the 43rd anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising and made the following statements to the mass media:

"The best way to honour the Polytechnic is to continue the struggles against all the governments that have passed memoranda, that have passed and pass antipeople-antiworker measures, like the current SYRIZA-ANEL government, i.e. the real falsifiers of the history and struggles of the Polytechnic and of course all the previous governments of ND and PASOK.

The best way to honour it is to continue the struggle against the capitalist system, which brings crises, wars, poverty and unemployment. It is the struggle against all the imperialist organizations and unions, like the IMF, EU and NATO, until the Greek people and the peoples of the whole world come to power."


Thousands of demonstrators denounced the imperialist plans of the USA-NATO-EU and the stance of the "left" government of SYRIZA



Demonstrations and protests were carried out on 15/11/2016 in Athens, Thessalonica and many other Greek cities on the occasion of the visit to Greece by the US President, B. Obama.

Thousands of demonstrators all over the country, with slogans that denounce imperialist war, Greece's involvement in the imperialist plans and the government's authoritarianism, participated in the dynamic demonstrations of the Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace (EEDYE) and the All-workers' Militant Front (PAME), self-employed associations, student unions, women's associations and organizations of the people's movement.

It should be noted that the government of the "left" and "radical" party SYRIZA and the Prime Minister himself, Alexis Tsipras, put on a show of adoration for the USA, presenting B. Obama to the Greek people as being a "saviour", who will contribute to the reduction of the public debt. In this direction, they banned all demonstrations in the centre of Athens for the duration of the visit.



A greeting message of WFDY for the demonstrations in Greece on Obama's visit

The World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY) salutes Greek people and youth who are demonstrating these days in Greece. We unite our voice with the mobilizations which are organized by vectors of the popular movement on the 15th and 17th of November, in order to decisively condemn the visit- provocation of Obama in Greece, on the eve of the heroic Polytechnic Uprising that is honored every year on the 17th of November.

The WFDY, which a few days ago on November 10th, completed 71 years of continuous struggle against imperialism, expresses its solidarity to the youth of Greece, to the students, the young workers who are demonstrating these days in order to:

strenghten your fight against imperialist rivalries, interventions and wars.

denounce one more time the criminal role of the NATO and the EU.

reinforce your struggle against the dangerous policy of the Greek Government (SYRIZA – ANEL) that involves the country into imperialist plans through militarily cooperation and agreements with the USA, the NATO, the EU, and Israel.

- continue to militantly express your internationalist solidarity to the refugees and the immigrants, raising a wall over racism and xenophobia.

You are not alone! The organizations-members of WFDY all over the world follow you and support you. We are with you and we yell loudly:

Neither land nor water to the killers of the peoples!

- No to imperialist wars

-The American-Nato bases and headquarters must close down

- NATO must get out of the Aegean Sea

- The Greek army forces of the missions of the NATO and the EU must return to Greece.

Under the works of the 2nd International Preparatory Meeting of the 19th WFYS,

On Behalf of WFDY, The HQ of WFDY, Namibia, Windhoek, November 15, 2016.

Video of KNE on the visit of Obama in Greece



You can also read the statement of the Press Office of the Central Committee of the KKE on the visit of the US president Barack Obama to Greece

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