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19th Congress of KKE

الشيوعيون في المرتبة الثانية، مع ارتفاع عدد الأصوات و نسب تتجاوز اﻟ %20



أجريت يوم 10 نيسان\أبريل 2019  في جامعات اليونان و معاهدها التقنية العليا انتخابات لإدارات الجمعيات الطلابيةحيث شاركت في الانتخابات فصائل طلابية مدعومة من منظمات شباب الأحزاب السياسية في البلاد


Elecciones estudiantiles universitarias en Grecia Los comunistas ocuparon el 2o puesto, con incremento de votos y porcentajes que superan el 20%

En 10 de abril 2019 se celebraron las elecciones en las instituciones universitarias y tecnológicas para los consejos directivos de las uniones estudiantiles. En las elecciones participan listas de estudiantes apoyadas por las organizaciones juveniles de los partidos políticos del país.


Student elections in Greece. The communists in 2nd place, with an increase in votes and over 20%

The elections to the committees of the student unions of the universities and technical institutes of Greece were held on April 10 2019. Student groupings, which are supported by the youth organizations of the country's political parties, participated in these elections.



Honorary distinction of KNE from the Palestine State for its practical solidarity

The ambassador of Palestine in Greece, Marwan Toubassi, awarded Nikos Ambatielos, Secretary of the CC of KNE, with the medal of the president of the State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas, for the solidarity that KNE expresses in practice with the struggle of the Palestinian people.

Below is the statement of comrade N. Ambatielos:

“Firstly, we would like to thank you for today’s very interesting update and of course for the honorary distinction towards the Central Council of KNE for its stable and steady solidarity with the Palestinian people. We think that the time that this honorary distinction is taking place is also very important and useful, during a period when the USA and Israel are adding flames to the fire in the already flammable region of the Middle East and the Balkans.


Message of Greetings of the International Relations Committee of the CC of KNE to the Front of Communist Youth – Italy for its vanguard role in the school student mobilizations on 22/02/2019


The Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) salutes the just struggle of the school students of Italy that demonstrated on February 22, 2019 all over the country, for the first time since the passage of the new state budget of the Italian government, which provides for a further 4 billion reduction in Education funding. KNE sends its comradely greetings to the Front of Communist Youth (FGC), which is at the forefront of the organization, as well as of the content and slogans of the mobilizations.

Just like in Greece, the youth of Italy fights against the anti-educational policy of the government-EU-capital that crashes its rights in education and sets even more class barriers and obstacles in the education and the lives of the young people from working and popular families.

100.000 school students took to the streets in more than 50 cities of Italy last week, continuing thus a series of mass school student mobilizations that have been taking place since October. Escalating in this way the struggle against the reactionary reforms of the government, which subordinate education to the interests of the capitalists through the “school-work alternation” plan and the further cut of the state funding for education.


Solidarity with the people of Venezuela - Internationalist Event of KNE

In the framework of the 12th Congress of KNE, the CC of KNE organized, on Saturday 6 th of February 2019, an Internationalist Political and Cultural Event of Solidarity with the people of Venezuela. In the event attended the 30 Communist Youth Organizations and anti-imperialist organizations that participated to the 12 th Congress of KNE. In the event on behalf of the Communist Youth of Venezuela – JCV a greeting message was addressed by its National Secretary, Janohi Rosas, and on behalf of the Embassy of Venezuela in Athens, a greeting message was addressed by the Charge d’affaires of the Embassy, Freddy Jesús Fernández Torres. Here are presented some extensive parts of the speech of Nikos Zacharopoulos, member of the CC of KNE.

Extracts from the speech of N.Zacharopoulos, member of the Bureau of the CC of KNE, in the event of solidarity with the people of Venezuela that KNE heldon February 16th

Tonight, here from Athens, we send a massive internationalist message of solidarity to the millions ofyoung men and women, tothe workers and the people of Venezuela!

We say bluntly, without saying “yes, but”, without mincing our words that: We denounce the imperialist intervention of the USA-NATO-EU in Venezuela. And we denounce it in every form, either as an open military intervention or as an attempted coup or by using both forms. But also we denounce it when done with ultimatums “dressed-up” with fine expressions,such as “diplomatic mediation”, and pressures for the so-called “free and democratic elections”.

For us, the only one responsible for the developments in Venezuela is the people of the country that must decide by themselves – without external interventions – for their present and future. The Venezuelan people have every right to struggle for the development pathway they want to follow! Theyhave every right to struggle against the imperialists and their interventions, for the contemporary rights and the satisfaction of their needs that the capitalist system deprives from them!


Historical walk concerning the heroic Battle of Athens

Many of the young delegates of the Communist Youth Organizations that attended the 12th Congress of KNE took part on February 17th in the historical walk-tour regarding the Battle of Athens in 1944, on the rock of Areopagus, presented by AnastasisGkikas, a member of the History Section of the Central Committee of the KKE.

Under the Parthenon, the delegates listened with great interest to the historical conditions that prevailed in December 1944 and the correlation of forces. A. Gkikas mentioned very succinctly the most important events that took place in the neighborhoods of Athens and lasted 33 days, after having talked about the liberation of Greece form the German occupation, about the huge sacrifice of the guerillas of ELAS (Greek People’s Liberation Army) and of the cadres and members of the KKE.


Event about the developments in Turkey

The Sectoral Organization of the School of Law, Economic and Political Science of the University of Athensof KNE organized on February 18than interesting event at the Law School of Athens, with the participation of delegates of the Communist Youth of Turkey, concerning the developments in Turkey, how the people and the youth of the country experience them, as well as the struggle that is developed.

ŞimalErtekin, member of the International Relations Committee of the Communist Youth of Turkey, opened the discussion by thanking KNE for giving them the opportunity to talk about the action of the Organization. She began by presenting briefly the history of the Turkish state up until now and then she referred to the processes in the central political scene of Turkey, as well as the action of the Communist Party of Turkey and the Communist Youth Organization, pointing out: “The continuous work of our Party and its Youth Organization, to show that the workers must not fall into the trap of the alternatives that are being presented by the system, puts the class-oriented organization at the front line, as a means of conflict with the rotten political system in Turkey. It develops committees and several resistance hotspots, so that politics will not be a matter of employer-led organizations, gangs, the plutocracy and members of the parliament., so that the people will be able to participate in politics in the workplace, at schools, at the neighborhoods”. She also mentioned the upcoming elections on the 31st of March, in which the Communist Party of Turkey will take part with its own title for the first time after 5 years.


EDON by the side of the children fire victims of Eastern Attica

A delegation of EDON, consisting of its Secretary Christos Christofias, the members of the CC IakovosTofaris, president of WFDY, LefterisDimosthenous, as well as OdisseasDimosthenous, a cadre of EDON in Athens, delivered on February 17th a symbolic amount of money, as solidarity and support for the children fire victims of Eastern Attica.
We would like to point out that every year the Pancyprian Movement of the EDONopoula organizes the so-called "solidarity carols", in their framework of which it offers various creations, ornaments and gifts and it gathers an amount that it offers as solidarity. In the previous years it had dedicated the "solidarity carols" to the children of Palestine, the children of Cuba, etc., while this year this initiative was dedicated to the children who were victims of the fire of Eastern Attica.


Meetings concerning the work in the labor movement and the Education front

The foreign delegations of Communist Youth Organizations and Anti-imperialist Youth Organizations from all over the world which participated in the 12th Congress of KNE had a meeting with cadres of the KKE and a discussion for the work of the Party in the labor movement on February 17th.

YotaTavoularis and YannisTasioulas members of the CC of the KKE and members of the Section of the CC for the labor and trade unionist work, welcomed the foreign delegations for this meeting in the Headquarters of the Central Committee. The opening speech was addressed by YotaTavoularis, followed by interesting questions and discussion.


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