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19th Congress of KKE

Students Struggle Front (MAS): The 6th Nationwide Meeting, held on Sunday 22/11 in Athens was successfully completed with a massive participation.

"Together we can succeed! Against the EU and the governments! " Student-delegates from Universities and Technological Institutes delegates from 30 towns, 154 Struggle Committees and 54 student unions (a record participation, as 31 student unions took part in the last Meeting in December 2013) conveyed their valuable experience from the steps taken to rally forces to the Nationwide Meeting of the Students' Struggle Front. The most radical section of students, which is rallied in MAS, filled the amphitheatre of the Technological Institute of Athens on the 22/11 met for many hours and fruitfully and decisively discussed the militant regroupment of the student movement, the organization and coordination of its struggles so that it can rise up and block the barbaric measures of the SYRIZA-ANEL government and the EU. The work of the Nationwide Meeting ended with the election of the new Nationwide and Executive Secretariat of MAS, to which students of nearly every institution in the country were elected.


Frente Militante de Estudiantes (MAS): La sexta Reunión Nacional, que se celebró el domingo 22/11 en Atenas se completó con éxito y con una participación masiva.

"Juntos podemos tener éxito! Contra la UE y los gobiernos"

Los estudiantes-delegados de universidades e institutos tecnológicos delegados de 30 ciudades, 154 comités de lucha y 54 sindicatos de estudiantes (un récord de participación, ya que 31 sindicatos de estudiantes participaron en la última reunión en diciembre de 2013) transmitieron su experiencia valiosa de las medidas adoptadas para reunir fuerzas a la Reunión Nacional del Frente Militante de Estudiantes. La sección más radical de los estudiantes, que se reunió en el MAS, llenó el anfiteatro del Instituto Tecnológico de Atenas en la 22/11 se reunió durante muchas horas y fructíferamente y decisivamente discutieron el reagrupamiento militante del movimiento estudiantil, la organización y coordinación de sus luchas para que puedan levantarse y bloquear las medidas bárbaras del gobierno SYRIZA-ANEL y la UE. El labor de la Reunión Nacional concluyó con la elección de la nueva Secretaría del MAS Nacional y Ejecutivo, a la que se eligieron estudiantes de casi todas las instituciones del país.


42 YEARS AFTER THE POLYTECHNIC UPRISING: A large march to the US embassy with a clear message for disengagement from the imperialist plans

On the 17th of November 2015 the uprising of the students and workers of Athens, which became known in history as the Polytechnic uprising, against the military junta in 1973 was honoured all over the country.

Thousands of people in Athens, the majority of them in the contingents of the KKE and KNE, took part in the large march to the US embassy, sending a clear message to the SYRIZA-ANEL government for Greece’s disengagement from the imperialist plans.


42 años después de la revuelta de la Escuela Politécnica: Una gran marcha tuvo lugar hacia la embajada de EE.UU. con un claro mensaje para la retirada de los planes imperialistas

El 17 de noviembre de 2015 en todo el país se rindió honor a la revuelta de los estudiantes y los trabajadores de Atenas contra la dictadura militar, en 1973, que se conoce históricamente como la revuelta de la Escuela Politécnica.

En Atenas, miles de gente, en su gran mayoría en los contingentes del KKE y de la KNE, participaron en la gran marcha hacia la embajada de EE.UU. y enviaron al gobierno de coalición SYRIZA-ANEL un claro mensaje para la retirada de Grecia de los planes imperialistas.


Strike surge

On the 12th of November 2015 a 24hr general strike was held in Greece with the participation of workers from the private and public sector against the anti-worker anti-people measures of the government. These are measures that further tear down the state social security system, increase the retirement age, cut pensions etc.

The All-workers’ Militant Front (PAME), which is a rally of class-oriented trade unions, played the leading role in the strike against the SYRIZA-ANEL government, the EU, the government and employer-led trade union forces.


Gran jornada de huelga

El 12 de noviembre de 2015 tuvo lugar en Grecia una huelga general de 24 horas con la participación de trabajadores del sector privado y público contra las medidas antiobreras y antipopulares del gobierno que en esta fase están derribando aún más el sistema de la seguridad social pública, están aumentando los límites de edad de jubilación, están recortando las pensiones etc.

El Frente Militante de Todos los Trabajadores (PAME), que es una agrupación de sindicatos obreros de orientación de clase, jugó un papel principal en la huelga, contra el gobierno de SYRIZA-ANEL, la UE, las fuerzas de los sindicalistas pro-gubernamentales y patronales.


A practical solidarity with the refuges by KNE

Continuing the demonstration held by members of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE) and the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) in Acropolis, where two giant banners were raised,  with the slogan "The EU and NATO are turning the Mediterranean into a sea of the dead. Stop this crime now. Solidarity and immediate support measures for the refugees." written both in Greek and in English, on Wednesday, the 4th of November, basic and essential material was handed over by the Attica Organization of KNE, to refugees (from Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq and other war spots) .


Massive and combative rallies of Students of Universities and Technical Institutes

On Thursday, the 5th of November, across all over Greece, university students and students of technological institutes demonstrated for the education of the people's needs.

In the center of Athens, in front of the Headquarters of Greece's greatest University, thousands of students protested against the anti-popular measures promoted by the coalition government SYRIZA - ANEL after the appeal of Student's Councils and after the initiative of Students Militant Front (MAS). 


Dynamic student mobilizations on 2/11 in 30 cities of Greece – KNE salutes the demonstrations

With a militant and exuberant temper, from all areas of Attica roused the center of Athens yesterday afternoon bringing to the fore their problems and needs and stated: <<¨Students do not rest”. They fight for their school and the life they deserve>>.

The students chanted slogans such as: <<Give money for Education>>, <<Multinationals out from our schools>>, <<The new generation has ideals, it won't be betrayed, it won't grovel>>, <<Free education is not a utopia, take the money from the plutocracy>> and invited to the strike on November 12  << On the 12th of November there will be panic, everyone on the streets – uprising>>. Furthermore, students unfurled their talent to an uplifting concert, performing different styles of music, while a group of students from the Art School interpreted act plays by Brecht and Chekhov.


The KKE issues a call from the Acropolis: Solidarity with refugees, condemnation of the EU and NATO

The forces of the KKE and KNE raised 2 giant banners on the Acropolis early on Saturday 31/10 to show solidarity with the refugees. The banners were in Greek and English, with the slogan “The EU and NATO are turning the Mediterranean into a sea of the dead. Stop this crime now. Solidarity and immediate support measures for the refugees.”

The members of KNE and the KKE raised red flags on the Acropolis for many hours, while a statement was read in English and Greek from a megaphone.


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