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19th Congress of KKE

KNE CONGRESS: KKE's political proposal of a way out to become a beacon of hope for the majority of the youth

On 15-17 February 2019, with a spirit of militant optimism and in a climate of meaningful debate, the work of the 12th Congress of the Youth of the KKE, the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), took place.

The congress took place under conditions where in Greece we are experiencing an acceleration of redeployment within the alliances of the bourgeois parties in the general framework of the overall regrouping of the bourgeois political system. A newly-staged arena is being set up, which will play itself out through various episodes until May 2019, where the European Elections, the local and regional elections and quite possibly, the early parliamentary elections, will take place in the country.
Under these conditions, KNE is called upon to respond to the concerns and obstacles experienced by the youth, living in this rotten exploitative system. To fuel dreams and hopes for a truly happy life, spreading the political proposal of the KKE, which objectively can become a beacon of hope for the majority of youth.To continue to steadily win young and working-popular consciences to the side of the KKE.


Speech of the GS of the CC of the KKE at the 100th anniversary event of the kke at the Peace and Friendship Stadium



A century of struggle and sacrifice, with the KKE in the vanguard!

Yes, the honored Communist Party of Greece has just completed a century of life and activity.

We are proud to celebrate this birthday here in Piraeus, in the city that gave birth to our party at its 1st Founding Congress on 17-23 of November 1918.

We are proud to celebrate together with all of you.

Young men and women from every decade of the party.

We particularly salute our veteran comrades who passed through fire and iron and are here today with us despite their health problems.

We also salute the hundreds of young men and women from KNE, aged 14 to 18, who joined our ranks this year.

We embrace with special joy our very young friends who are united under the aegis of the magazine "Kokkino Aerostato".


Event for the International Day of Solidarity with Palestine on November 29

Every year since 1977,on November 29th, various events are being held across the world to express solidarity with the Palestinian people. On the occasion of this year’s International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian people, the KKE and KNE call upon the workers and the youth of Greece to strengthen the fight demanding the immediate recognition of the Palestinian state according to the relevant decision of the Greek Parliament in 2015. And also, demanding to cease all joint military actions and other joint military-political activities between Greece and Israel during a period in which a new round of Israeli attacks is being carried outagainst the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.


Evento del 29 de noviembre, Día Internacional de Solidaridad con Palestina

Desde 1977, cada año el 29 de noviembre, se realizan eventos en todo el mundo para expresar solidaridad con el pueblo palestino. Este año, a ocasión del Día Internacional de Solidaridad con el pueblo palestino, el KKE y la KNE llaman a los trabajadores y a la juventud de Grecia a fortalecer la reivindicación del reconocimiento inmediato del estado palestino, según resolución correspondiente del Parlamento griego el 2015. Asimismo a fortalecer la reivindicación del cese de los ejercicios militares conjuntos y de las demás actividades militares-políticas conjuntas de Grecia con Israel en un período durante la cual se lleva a cabo una nueva ronda de ataques por parte de Israel contra los Palestinos en la Franja de Gaza.


Anuncio del Buro del CC de la KNE

Los eventos del Festival 100 años KKE - 50 años KNE, con el lema "El camino hasta aquí ha sido largo... ¡Un camino difícil! ... Un camino seguro ... ¡Ahora este camino es tuyo!", se completaron con gran éxito en todo el país.

Este año nuestro Festival honró los 100 años de vida y acción del heroico KKE, los 50 años de su juventud, la KNE, que comenzó su viaje por todo el país y culminó en el fin de semana del 20-21-22 de septiembre de 2018 en el Parque Tritsis, en Atenas. Se ha visto la mayor participación en los últimos años de cientos de miles de jovenes y mayores en nuestro país. El Festival de la KNE - "Odigitis" resiste el tiempo, se renueva, enriquece, embellece, crece ...


Announcment of Bureau of CC of KNE, about the succesful Festival 100 years KKE-50 years KNE

The events of the Festival 100 years of the KKE- 50 years of KNE that took place all over the country, under the slogan “It has been a long road so far. A difficult road!... A sure road… Now this road is yours to follow!”, were very successful.

Our Festival this year honored the 100 years of life and action of the heroic KKE and the 50 years of its Youth, KNE. The Festival travelled all around the country and peaked on the 20th -21st- 22nd of September 2018, at “Tritsis” Park in Athens. This year the Festival had the greatest participation of the last years, as hundreds of thousands of young people as well as older people of our country took part. The KNE-Odigitis Festival lasts in time, always renewed, getting richer, more beautiful, bigger…


Festival 100 Years KKE – 50 Years KNE

Thousands of people came out for the three-day central Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) Festival that was held 20-22 September 2018, this year dedicated to the 100 years of the KKE and 50 years of the KNE. The KNE Festival that first traveled to all the major cities of Greece, with dozens of political and cultural events, culminated in the events held at the “Tritsi” Park in Athens. There KNE built an entire “city” with music stages hosting concerts as well as multiple discussions; the huge bookshop featuring political and progressive books, the “International City” where 40 communist and anti-imperialist youth organizations from all over the world participated, and the exhibit dedicated to the 100 years of the KKE and the 50 years of the KNE.


The policy that sacrifices fire protection is guilty of the CRIME

The fires that broke out yesterday, 23rd July 2018, turned into tragedies in various parts of Greece. There was a conflagration in Attica, as on Monday afternoon there was a great fire in a coastal area of West Attica, while a few hours later a fire started in a coastal area of eastern Attica which expanded. According to the confirmed data, due to the fire in eastern Attica the dead are over 50, the injured are over 150 - many of them seriously injured- while at least 1200 homes and 300 cars have been destroyed


La juventud debe condenar masivamente el ataque

A su comunicado sobre la invasión imperialista en Siria por los EE.UU, Bretaña y Francia, la Oficina de Prensa del CC de la KNE afirma:

¡Levántense! ¡No a la guerra imperialista en Siria! ¡Ninguna participación de Grecia en este crimen – Que se cierren las bases! ¡Ni tierra, ni mar a los asesinos de los pueblos! ¡Organicemos nuestra respuesta en cada lugar de trabajo, en cada escuela, en cada universidad, en cada barrio, en cada ciudad!

Llamamos a la juventud que condene masivamente y decisivamente el ataque contra Siria por los EE.UU, Gran Bretaña y Francia con el apoyo y la tolerancia de los demás estados de la OTAN y la UE.



The Press Office of the CC of KNE issued the following announcement concerning the imperialist invasion of the US, Britain and France, against Syria:

Rise up! No to the imperialist war in Syria! Greece: No participation in the crime – Close down the bases! No water – No earth to the peoples’ killers! We organize our response in each factory, workplace, school, university, each neighbourhood and city!

We call upon the youth to condemn decisively and in massive way the attack in Syria, implemented by the USA, Britain and France, with the support and tolerance of the rest of the NATO and EU member-states.


KNE 2011