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19th Congress of KKE

Website of KNE for the 70years from the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples:

A new website, devoted to the 70 years from the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples (May 9th, 1945) was established by KNE. The website (in Greek) can be found at the  url:

In that site, one there can be found rich material of photographs, videos and songs and also texts from the pages of “Odigitis” that were devoted to the 70th anniversary from the Antifascist Victory of the Peoples. Through the site, as well as throughout the intervention of KNE as a whole during this period, we are aiming to the promotion within the youth of the truth  about the grand victory of the peoples, the determining contribution of the USSR during that period  for the smashing of Fascism for the heroic struggles waged by the Greek people for liberty and a better life, with KKE as a vanguard in our country.

At the following link, you can find in English the tribute of KNE entitled:  "The Red Army towards Victory"

Major event in Athens and other activities for the Anti-fascist Victory

These days, KNE has been organizing a variety of events to honor the 70 years since the Anti-fascist Victory of the peoples in many Greek cities. The activity of Athen's KNE Regional
Organization will culminate in the major political-cultural event that will be carried out by the
Central Committee of KKE, Saturday May 9th at 20.00, at the Kaisariani Shooting ground,(it’s a place where 200 communists were executed by Nazi occupiers on May 1st 1944) in 200 Heroes’ Square. The General Secretary of the CC of KKE Dimitris Koutsoumbas will be speaking.



«Odigitis'» Feature on the anti-fascist victory of the peoples

With a special edition, a 24 page insert feature on 70 years since the anti-fascist victory of the peoples in 1945, «Odigitis» was released, organ of CC of KNE, of May, on Saturday May 2nd. In the insert feature of «Odigitis» the reader can find pictures and documents with:

  • Questions and Answers about the causes and the nature of the second World War.
  • Pages dedicated to the contribution of the people of the Soviet Union and the Red Army in the Victory and answers to efforts of counterfeiting historic truth about the contribution of the Soviet Union.
  • Pages dedicated in the contribution of KKE in the resistance of our people against  fascist conquerors.
  • Documents and pictures about crimes committed by the Nazi and capitalism generally during WWII.
  • Views of international developments after the War ended.
  • Theater, cinema, music and book suggestions related to the topic.
  • Articles about the conclusions that we have to keep in mind today.


The inaguration of the Stage of Culture and Youth Creation of KNE on 25th of April

A very nice place that will host events and activities of all kinds of art, was inaugurated on Saturday 25thof April, in the center of Athens from the CC of KNE. This place is called the “Stage of Culture and Youth Creation”, and it's situated on Troy 36 str., in Victoria. The Stage is a new starting point and also a continuation of the long and multiple intervention of KNE.


Student Festivals of KNE

73 Student Festivals of KNE took place during the last 2 weeks, all over the country, from Alexandroupolis to Crete and Rhodes to Corfu. The Student Festivals of KNE are being established as a meeting place of students who are concerned and fight for the life they deserve. This year, thousands of students across Greece, took part in the activities of the Festivals.


Statement of the Press Office of the CC of the KKE on the unacceptable anticommunist decision of the Ukrainian Parliament

The KKE most categorically denounces the unacceptable decision of the Ukrainian Parliament to identify communism with fascism and to ban the activity of communists and the dissemination of communist ideas, at the same time historically justifying the local fascists, the so-called “Ukrainian Liberation Army”.

The current Ukrainian Parliament, as is very well known, emerged from elections that were held in conditions of violence, electoral fraud and civil war. This situation held sway due to the blatant intervention of the USA and EU in Ukraine, in the framework of their competition with Russia.


Student Festivals of KNE

Over the next few days, in the first half of April, the Student Festivals of KNE will take place throughout Greece and for the third consecutive year they will be embraced with great success by numerous students from all over the country.

KNE, addresses all students who care and are struggling for the school and the life that they deserve and are at the same time deprived of. Our right to education and life with dignity does not fit within the limits of the current rotten capitalist system, which provides young people only with poverty, unemployment, ignorance.


The Greek negotiations and the “red lines”

The new Greek government continues its talks with the foreign lenders (EU,ECB,IMF), the well-known Troika, which has now been labeled the “three institutions”.  The international mass media, as well as the government itself, are giving the impression that it seeks another kind of management of the crisis in Greece and that the “institutions” at the same time are exerting pressure on it. The government is constantly retreating and claims that it is “maneuvering” because, according to the words of the Prime minister, A. Tsipras, “They had set us a trap in the battle of Europe (…) with aim of the financial suffocation and the government's overthrow(…)They had everything set up to shipwreck us ... and the country.”


However, at the same time, the Finance Minister, Y. Varoufakis, clarified that the maneuvers and retreats of the Greek government also had some “red lines”, which the Greek government does not intend to cross. It is of interest to examine what these are:


11th Meeting of Communist Youth Organizations

On the 7th and 8th of March 2015, the 11th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations was successfully took place in Frankfurt, hosted by the Socialist German Workers´ Youth (SDAJ).

The title of the meeting it was: “70 years since the anti-fascist victory of the peoples. Capitalism continues triggering crises, wars, fascism. Hope for the youth lies in the socialist tomorrow”.

We publish below:



Massive discussion into the youth about the decision of the 11th Congress of KNE and the policy developments in Greece

The monthly magazine "Odigitis”, which is the organ of the Central Council of Communist Youth of Greece (KNE), was released on Saturday, February 7, with the publication of the documents of the 11th Congress of KNE. The issue of February, contains in a special supplement, the decision of the 11th Congress of KNE, held on 18-21 of December 2014 with the slogan "KNE-the pioneer youth of KKE, combatively marching on the way for a socialist tomorrow, without crises, wars or exploitation", as well as the new statutes of the Organization voted in the Congress.


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