Mass rally of KNE at Syntagma square for the crime in Tempe


On Saturday 4 March, the Communist Youth of Greece (KNE) held a mass rally at Syntagma square for the crime that was bound to happen in Tempe, sending a message  that now is not the time to remain silent but the time to raise our voices and struggle.

The meeting was addressed by Thodoris Kotsandis, Secretary of the CC of KNE, who stressed among others that “It was not an accident, bad luck, or ‘human error’ alone; it was a crime that was bound to happen. Electronic security systems exist so that human lives do not depend on ‘human errors’, ladies and gentlemen of ND and SYRIZA. However, these systems have never been put into operation by the governments and companies because ‘they count profits and losses, we count human lives’.”

Mass rallies and mobilizations were organized by KNE on Saturday in other cities of the country as well, calling upon the youth and the people to take part en masse in the mobilizations that are daily being organized for the crime that had been waiting to happen in Tempe.