Meeting of the Working Group of MECYO in Athens:The 17th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations will take place in Cyprus

On Saturday 18 November, the Working Group of the Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations (MECYO) convened in Athens. On the previous day, the delegates of the CYOs took part in the big anti-imperialist demonstration for the 50th anniversary of the Polytechnic uprising.

The member organisations of the Working Group - German Socialist Workers' Youth, Communist Youth of Greece, Union of Communist Youth of Spain, Collectives of Young Communist  - Spain, Front of Communist Youth  - Italy, Portuguese Communist Youth, League of Communist Youth of Yugoslavia - Serbia, Communist Youth of Türkiye - in their joint meeting unanimously decided that the next MECYO will be held in Cyprus.

More specifically, the 17th Meeting of European Communist Youth Organisations will be hosted by EDON on 15-17 December 2023 in Larnaca. The slogan of the 17th MECYO is: "The youth united, organized and militant, in the front line of the struggle! Against imperialist wars and oppression, against capitalist exploitation. For the Europe of the workers, for socialism!"

In the framework of its meeting, the Working Group issued a joint statement of solidarity with the Palestinian people. 
The joint statement:


The Working Group of the Meeting of European Communist Youth Organizations (MECYO) gathered in Athens, on 18 November 2023, expresses its solidarity with the just struggle of the Palestinian people! We salute the millions of people and youth around the world who are protesting  resolutely against the massacre unleashed by the occupying state of Israel.

We demand that the massacre carried out by the Israeli state in the Gaza Strip be stopped now! The bloodshed of the Palestinian people by the occupying forces with the full support of the USA-NATO-EU, which has been going on for more than a month now, has so far left more than 11,000 Palestinians dead, including 4,500 children, thousands injured and millions displaced. In the West Bank, the occupying state is killing, displacing and committing atrocities, under a real apartheid regime.

We denounce the involvement of any country in the bloodshed of the Palestinian people by sending military equipment, using military bases,  facilitating the plans of the state of Israel to evacuate Gaza and displace the Palestinians. They are turning our countries into aggressors against the Palestinian people, while at the same time increasing the possibilities of a general conflagration in the region, leading to grave danger for the peoples of Europe and the whole world.

We denounce the fabrication of news and disinformation, in which the propaganda mechanisms of Israel, with the support of the USA and the EU, are involved, and their reproduction by the media in our countries, in their attempt to distort the facts and even justify the bombing of hospitals, schools and religious sites.

Fake news goes hand in hand with the intensification of repression by the bourgeois governments, the slander, and the attempt to silence the millions who stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people; by banning demonstrations – as in France and Germany – and arresting  demonstrators – as in Greece.

We call upon the youth all over the world to strengthen their struggle and their internationalist solidarity, to put an end to the latest Israeli  genocide against the Palestinian people and its youth, who are caught in the cross-hairs of imperialist aggression, in the context of the general imperialist plans that are in place and are being promoted in the Middle East and the Eastern Mediterranean region for the control of energy resources, transport routes, etc.

We demand:

- An immediate end to the barbaric Israeli aggression and massacre in the Gaza Strip.
- No involvement of any country in the massacre. We demand an end to all economic, political, and military cooperation with the occupying state of Israel.
- An end to the longstanding Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, supported by the USA-NATO-EU. The recognition of an independent Palestinianstate on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital and the right of all Palestinian refugees to return.