50th FESTIVAL of KNE-‘Odigitis’:The KNE-'Odigitis' Festival continues its journey


Another mass youth encounter was the event of the 50th ΚΝΕ - 'Odigitis' Festival  that took place on Saturday 25 May in Grava School Complex, the second stop on the journey that the Festival started in Attica after the Shooting Range of Kaisariani.

The KNE - 'Odigitis' Festival was held in Grava in 1990, at a difficult time, when the crisis in the International Communist Movement was at its peak. However, it is a place that attracts crowds of school students every day, a reference point for the broader region, and this was evident in Saturday's events, which were full of young people, mostly school and university students.

It is to these young people that the Festival extended its call ahead of the European elections, to stand before the ballot box in the same way as they are fighting, militantly, defiantly, with many red votes in support of the KKE!


The events in Grava opened with a very interesting discussion on bullying, followed by a greeting from Cleo Christopoulou, member of the Bureau of the CC of KNE and MEP candidate of KKE, and were followed bymusic, stand up comedy and other activities.

The journey of the 50th KNE - 'Odigitis' Festival will continue at the University Campus in Zografou on May 31 and June 1, returning to the place where the main Festival events were hosted from 1997 to 2008.