STATEMENT OF THE PRESS OFFICE OF THE CC OF KNE:The government should listen to the majority of students and revoke the bill on private universities!


On Thursday 1 February, university and school students, together with their teachers,demonstrated once again in Athens and dozens of other cities across the country against the bill prepared by the New Democracy  government, which promotes the establishment of private universities in Greece, and demanded immediate financial support for public universities. The students filled the main streets of Athens and other major cities, shouting out slogans such as “We demand degrees that matter and free studies, students are not customers”, “Education is not for sale, it is our right, won through struggle”, “Give money for education, not for NATO’s slaughterhouses”.



In a statement on the ongoing mobilisations against the bill on private universities, the Press Office of the CC of KNE stressed the following:

"For the 4th week, tens of thousands of university and school students are demonstrating throughout the country, demanding exclusively public and truly free education, degrees that matter and not on a price list. With their militant determination, resilience and the power of organised struggle, they have driven the government into a corner.
The government, instead of sending prosecutors and riot police to the students - as in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki -, instead of threatening the students with cancelled exams and cuts in the universities' funding, and slandering the majority of the students who are expressing their opposition to the anti-education plans in every possible way, they should listen to the just demands of the university and school students and withdraw its reactionary bill, which legislates injustice and devalues the degrees, the lives and the future of the younger generation.
The government is deluding itself if it thinks it can silence the students.
The organised student movement will reject any plan to slander and repress it, and the students' voice will be heard even louder at the nationwide student rally in Athens on 8 February".