EU ELECTIONS:The youth, alongside the KKE, for the struggles and hope to grow stronger!

Article by Thodoris Kotsantis, Secretary of the CC of KNE and KKE MEP candidate

From the student protests in the US universities to the occupation of the Sorbonne University, there is a wind blowing away the dirty war propaganda of the Israeli State and its allies — the USA, NATO and the EU — who have been massacring the Palestinian people.

From the staggering mobilisations that turned tears into wrath and a determination to keep on fighting, so that the predetermined crime at Tempi won’t be covered up, to the massive student mobilisations against the bill privatising Education, there is a wind challenging the frequently mentioned 41% electoral support for New Democracy, proving that the government does have an opponent: the people who continue to fight with the KKE at the forefront.

From the largest strikes of the last decades to the farmers’ roadblocks across Europe, there is a wind tearing down the myth of the ‘European Union that will bring prosperity’ to the people.

This wind of hope, of conflict with the criminal policies of the EU and all governments can also blow during the European elections on the 9th of June, with a much stronger KKE present where the anti-people decisions are made, as well as in the path of struggle, where these decisions are overturned.

What is at stake in the European elections?

In a world engulfed in military conflicts, injustice, poverty and uncertainty, in a European Union where the competition and the difficulties faced by the capitalist economy are intensifying and the people are asked to pay with their own sweat and blood for the stability of the monopolies’ profitability, this electoral battle has its own particular significance for the next day.

What really is at stake is whether the people will applaud or punish the EU, as well as the New Democracy government and the other systemic parties that have been jointly shaping and implementing the anti-people EU policies.

Whether the people will applaud the EU of wars and give the green light for even greater involvement in its warmongering plans or whether they’ll send a message that they condemn imperialist wars and Greece’s transformation into a launching pad for wars, posing an incalculable risk to our own and the other peoples.

The stake is whether the youth will back down from their demands for the life they need, with contemporary rights to education and work, or whether they’ll push forward with a much stronger KKE that will use every vote to bolster those struggles and the possibility of a different society, one that will prioritise our lives over the profits of the few.

What we ultimately do with our vote is choose a side: either that of Europe and the needs of its peoples or that of the EU, a union of big monopoly groups, a prison for the peoples, a launching pad for wars, and a breeding ground of corruption and scandals.

In crucial moments, the stance that the youth will take is also crucial

The warmongering EU supports the occupying Israeli State that is massacring Palestine, has provided Zelenskiy with 78 billion for weapons and spends 240 billion annually on military equipment. At a time when its peoples are weighed down by the high prices, it’s preparing a European army of 5,000 soldiers and sending warships to the Red Sea.

With the support of SYRIZA, PASOK, New Left (established by former SYRIZA members) and the nationalist Greek Solution, the New Democracy government plays a leading role in our country’s involvement in two wars, heaping debt and great dangers on the Greek people so that our country’s bourgeoisie can claim a share of the spoils of war.

New Democracy has sent weapons, including banned white phosphorus munitions to Zelenskiy, a Patriot battery to Saudi Arabia, and the HYDRA frigate to the Red Sea to watch over the interests of shipowners, putting the Greek military personnel at risk and costing our country half a million euros per day. It uses Greece to store war material intended for the slaughterhouses and has handed over all of our country’s ports to the American army. Its turning our country into a launching pad for wars, as well as a target of reprisals, with the base at the Souda Bay, the port of Alexandroupolis, and the Operations Headquarters of Larissa playing a key role in both wars.

Even as mass graves of Palestinians are being uncovered in Gaza and the invasion of Rafah continues, New Democracy has the cheek to talk of Israel’s so-called right to self-defence, while SYRIZA and PASOK are siding with the EU, concealing our country’s involvement. As for Velopoulos (Greek Solution), he is asking for the production of war material by the Greek industry in order to support Zelenskiy!

Only the KKE demands that the government withdraw its support from the murderous State of Israel, disentangle our country from imperialist wars, or close down the US-NATO bases and facilities. The KKE is at the forefront of the struggles, halting trains transporting weapons, holding demonstrations to bring back the HYDRA frigate and strengthening solidarity with the Palestinian people.

An even stronger KKE will be a resounding YES to the peoples’ right to live in peace, by overthrowing the capitalist barbarity that leads to wars and refugee flows.

Young men and women can make a difference by strengthening the KKE!

They should express their indignation, the uncertainty they feel, their opposition to what’s happening by condemning the policies of the EU, the government and the other bourgeois parties.

The thousands of young people we crossed paths with in the struggles ought to vote just as they fight, defiantly, assertively, casting thousands of red ballot papers into the ballot box on the 9th of June.

Those who claim not to be interested in politics should reflect on how the government and the EU are interested in making their lives bleaker now and in the future through their barbarous policies. The truth is that every young person is concerned about the fact that education is becoming an increasingly expensive commodity. They are enraged by the images of the children becoming victims of war. They are appalled by the crime in Tempi and the attempts to cover it up. Only if it joins with the KKE in the ballot box today, and in the collective struggles tomorrow can this rage become dangerous for the system and its parties.

That is what the government and the staff of the system fear, which is why they have devised plans to contain the youth’s discontent:

  • Through the other parties’ ballot papers, which are overflowing with influencers or celebrities that only learn about life through stories and have nothing to do with what young people’s lives are like today.

  • Through promoting the abstention of all those who are discontented with the EU, so that they can then use it as a carte blanche to carry on with their work undisturbed.

  • Through a convenient confrontation between the bourgeois parties over trivial matters, while sidelining the important ones that shape our lives; in this way, they seek to hide their agreement, which leads PASOK to vote the same as New Democracy in 93% of votes in the European Parliament, SYRIZA in 75% and Velopoulos in 55%, while ‘SYRIZA No. 2’, i.e. the New Left, has voted the same as New Democracy, PASOK and SYRIZA in 70% of votes.

  • Through the New Democracy’s threats that if it’s not reinforced in the elections, there will be ‘instability and trouble’, when there is no greater trouble for the youth than the government’s policy itself. Only the KKE with a powerful popular movement can put an end to the trouble that the people are already living and paying dearly for.

  • Through SYRIZA, PASOK and the New Left, which are making New Democracy the best possible gift by whitewashing the EU and seeking to implement its criminal policies in Mitsotakis’ stead. SYRIZA No. 1 and 2 (the New Left), which are responsible for the 3rd memorandum, the bloody surpluses, the auctions of primary residences, the privatisation of TRAINOSE, the expansion of the US-NATO bases, the strategic partnership with Israel and of calling NATO a ‘holy alliance’, and PASOK, which is responsible for 3 memoranda, 2 coalition governments, the liberalisation of the railway, voting against the Tempi Inquiry Committee, involvement in scandals, and participating in every crime committed by NATO, the PASOK whose officials have shifted to the New Democracy, are vying over who will vote the most of Mitsotakis’ bills! And even when they vote against them, they play the role of the government’s straw men, like PASOK, which voted against the bill on private universities but asked for the revision of Article 16! (According to Article 16, higher education is free and exclusively provided by state institutions, with the establishment of private institutions being prohibited.)

  • Through the overpromotion of the nationalist Velopoulos, who is portrayed as an adversary of the ‘parties that led the country to bankruptcy’, despite his involvement with almost all of them (PASOK, LAOS, New Democracy). He is portrayed as anti-systemic, yet he has consistently supported the system when it required it, such as voting in favour of the 1st memorandum and the EU’s anti-farmer Common Agricultural Policy, backing the Zelenskiy regime and Israel, supporting the policy of railway liberalisation and the repression and entrapment of refugees. Defeating such racist, far-right forces is yet another reason why the KKE should be strengthened in the European elections.

  • Through the government and the bourgeois parties’ attempt to scatter the people’s votes among parties that act as bulwarks containing popular discontent, giving the system a kiss of life and whitewashing the EU, like Plefsi Eleftherias (Course of Freedom) or parties that promised they would have made the EU more humane by 2025 and that they would dissolve if that didn’t happen, like DiEM25.

The only true opponent to the system is the KKE because it’s the only party that dares to target the greatest culprits, the rotten and corrupt system, the dictatorship of capital, the EU, NATO and their governments, while all the other parties support them.

Because the KKE has no commitments to the EU and the corporate interests, and this is why it can expose their reactionary decisions, warn, and inform the people. More importantly, this is why it can take the lead and organise the struggle to fight against them in every place of study, work and the neighbourhood!

Because the KKE has a proposal for our country’s disentanglement from the EU, with the people holding the real power and the keys to the economy in their hands.

Not a single hour must be lost till the 9th of June!

We give the battle to reach every single person, along with the hundreds of friends of the KKE and KNE, who can contribute decisively provided that we equip them with arguments and encourage them to take action. Every comrade and friend of KNE needs to draft and regularly update their personal contact list with acquaintances and people who will vote for the Party.

We reach out to our classmates, our fellow students, our colleagues, our relatives and friends, every young person we have encountered in the struggles, and every worker who has an open ear and is concerned about the current state of things, irrespective of their past voting choices.

And we need to do that without hesitations, without complacency, without excessive descriptions of the situation, but rather armed with a lot of patience in order to illuminate the causes of, and the culprits behind each problem, convincing them of the need to strengthen the KKE.

Together we give the battle for the ‘Panspoudastiki KS’ to come first in the student elections on the 22nd of May so that the anti-people policy will receive a powerful blow by the students who put the government in a tight spot with their struggles and keep on fighting for contemporary, exclusively public and free education.

Over the next few days, with our plan and everyone’s active participation, we’ll visit all the places where young people study, work, do sports or entertain themselves; we’ll visit the squares and the hangouts of the youth. We’ll bring to them the militant call of the KKE, breaking the silence that the media have imposed on its activity and rebuffing the dirty attacks that distort and slander its positions.

From Greece, we send a message of hope and a call to intensify the struggles across Europe, with an even stronger KKE! We break the chains of the EU, for a Socialist Greece and Europe, a Europe of the workers, the farmers and the peoples!